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    Yamaha fzr1000 exup and Suzuki rf900
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    Home diy, bikes ofc and i also like cars, i drive an e46 330ci.
  1. The carbs are off the rf900, i have doner jets from the fzr as i am boring it it to 1040 and increasing the jet size. I believe the carbs on my rf were replaced either off the 400 or off a Japanese bike at some point as they had different regulations in the 90s for their bikes. I swapped the jets cleaned the carbs well and moved the needle down a grove and and it's running really well, buckets more power and no more bogging in the high rpms.
  2. Hi, I recently decided to dismantle a set of carbs for cleaning and new gaskets out of boredom and discovered that they have the wrong size jets in and adjustable needles. It appears to have been rejetted severely down. Original size is 112.5 and it has 87.5 installed. An upgrade for more fuel would be 114 to 118 max usually for these carbs and down to 110 for frugality. I have a set of 122.5 jets that are a straight swap. Mys question is could i put them on and then move the needle down a notch or 2?
  3. Cracking offer but where i work we use dichloromethane to disolve the bitumen in asphalt samples so i just filled a bucket a left all the parts in it for a week then blasted them with compressed air, not necessary really as it evaporates at 20°C and they look brand new. Cheers again
  4. I have owned only one, began drinking oil...talking 3 or 400ml with every tank of fuel. Bad valve stem seals and worn piston rings and then something went wrong in the gearbox and it got stuck in 1st, later found out on of the gears split in 2 and jammed the shift cam in place. So perfect time to buy another bike and rebuilt the fzr. Have only tore it to pieces as of yet though, waiting for winter and just buying parts atm.
  5. Hi, i am currently restoring my fzr1000 1992 also, not original condition as I'm no purist, going for 1040cc and a few other mods but fully rebuilding and powdercoating from the ground up. Regards, Eric.
  6. Used the alignment lines on the chain adjusters when putting my back wheel back on after removing it to clean the swingarm properly. When i took it back out it felt really wonky, it was quite unsettling. I measured between the swingarm pivot and axel nuts on both sides and the chain side 5mm less. Could 5mm really be enough to that much trouble, i will sort it before i use it again but we are still locked up atm.
  7. Recently bought ebay special aluminium housed led bulb and it is really bright, the beam is very direct and got a lot of flashing from passers by. I would avoid buying another as the reflectors are designed for halogen bulbs and work really well with them most of the time. A decent bulb or 2 depending on what bike you have will be fine aslong as opt for a white one, these are usually tinted blue to filter out yellow light. Regards, Eric.
  8. Aye the back end is something else lol, still not worse than the busa but it doesn't go like one either tbf. Still very reliable and i dont mind it getting drenched in the Scottish weather.
  9. My old Suzuki rf900 has the standard exhaust on it still after 26 years, it's a year older than myself lol. I would lile to change it but not for any particular performance reason as it is my daily rider. The standard pipes are in good condition with minor pitting and surface corrosion. I just want it to sound a bit better, i prefer a louder exhasut to engine noise. Has anyone fitted a slip on to one of these bikes that could confirm this is all it needs. What are the benefits of a full system over a slip on? Regards, Eric.
  10. There is no cable on most of the older big bikes so no need to adjust as the fluid takes up the slack so to speak, like on your car. The newer bikes have cables as a weight saving exercise. Probably cost saving Cost savings for the manufacturer only lol, these new superbikes are creeping up to 20k these days and the special models are well over 20. I'll keep on buying second hand lol
  11. There is no cable on most of the older big bikes so no need to adjust as the fluid takes up the slack so to speak, like on your car. The newer bikes have cables as a weight saving exercise.
  12. The other day i did have a false gear selection between 2 and 3 but i was on quite hard tbf. Still startling when it happens though and then theres soul shattering moment where you have to force it back into gear.
  13. Hi all, My Suzuki rf900 clutch has become heavy, it's hydraulic. Could old fluid and air bubbles be the issue? As i dont fancy rebuilding cylinders just now while i am balls deep my fzr1000 project. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Regards, Eric.
  14. Hi, I have seen posts on various forms of social media and from friends complaining about not being allowed to ride during this lockdown and the rules are very simple. No unnecessary travel. This isn't because you share petrol pumps or may have symptoms that haven't shown up or are infected and are a (1/3) symptomless carrier. No travel is because if you end up in a wreck out on a joyride enjoying the weather and the quieter roads, where will you go? Straight to A&E to put more strain on the already fragile NHS. Please stay at home, deep clean your bikes and use them to go to t
  15. I've got an M6029 Supermaxx on the front of the TRX and quite like it, plenty of grip and seems to be wearing well too. 33 PSI (as per the book) seems to work well, 36 is hard and chattery. Mind you, I quite liked the Nankang Roadiac WF1's it had too Maybe the age of the tyre affects the performance as they were old by the time i got the bikes.
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