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  1. Yeah I use this website but it doesn't really tell you how challenging the routes are which is why I'm asking you guys with the experience of riding said routes
  2. It is on the way to Tregaron . It's the bit with the hairpin bends . Yeah man absolutely loved that bit very challenging especially on my 125
  3. I'm only on a the 125 still on l plates but I love the long rides
  4. I mean like most rider challenging like the hidden routes like the abergwesin pass it's pretty challenging for a beginner like me, I'm pretty sure I may have ridden the devil's staircase is it on the way to tregaron? Because if it is I've done it, that whole route is challenging with different gradients twists and blind bends. Cheers for the replys
  5. Hey guys as you can see by the title, I have been looking for some of the hardest or technically challenging motorcycle routes in Wales. I am from South Wales and enjoy riding some route that are challenging like the abergwesin pass (sorry if that's the wrong spelling) but after this lock down I would like to start challenging myself on the bike and get more miles down. So if you have a route (bearing in mind anywhere in Wales as I would still have to travel there) that you think is technically challenging or the hardest route you have traveled leave it in this thread with where you start, en
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