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  1. @Stu know what would be useful in the forum? a Tw@t smiley together with the like/laugh button
  2. Have a second one. Practice as much as you can slow speed control (a desert levelled car park is ideal): - U-turn - Figure of 8 - Turn to 90deg from stand still All in both right and left.
  3. Now... That would look even better with a TMBF logo between the top squary stripe and the neck and another one under the "think bike" Then same Paraphernalia on the front.
  4. Are you comparing a motorbike with a washing machine or a boiler????
  5. The thought, "I could have gone faster on that bend" is better than "OOOOOOHHHHHH SH@T!!!!"
  6. That's cheating I thought you went on the bike.
  7. Porlock to Ullapool??? That's near 700 miles. 12hrs if you carry a trailer and motorway all the way to Glasgow Hate motorway
  8. Thinking about going further southwest. Still undecided between eastern Falmouth or western Newquay areas. All depends on availability and which ones will be nearer the beach. The plan is to pitch the tent for the hole week and tour around. Definitely will have a look at that one.
  9. My anti-virus comes with that crap too. Just ignore it
  10. WORD OF THE DAY: Exhaustipaded (adj) Too tired to give a sh@t.
  11. Why crime in Scotland is lower than in London...
  12. South. Never been to Cornwall so that could be an option. Somewhere near the sea where you can't see the seals and your feet won't go blue as soon you dip them in the water Will have a look at pitchup.co.uk to see what is available from 22/5 to 28/5
  13. 2 for £12 at Tesco. Not the most comfy but I have no plans to sit in it for too long. Ok, with 2.3kg is not fit for carry on your back but is going in the trailer so weight is not a concern. Around 80cm folded in the bag so it fits nicely My camping set is now ready for end of May
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