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  1. husoi

    Man up Tiggie

    If he had any intentions in further cooperations with the fantastic people around would have said "hasta la vista baby.."
  2. husoi

    Man up Tiggie

    I bet is the only Japanese word that individual knows....
  3. husoi

    Man up Tiggie

    That's wrong. Now I can't have a laugh about it...
  4. So many wrong things with that tw@t.... 1 breakfast at 11??? 2 Can't fecking make her own breakfast? 3 Is getting any food from McPlastics a essential shopping? An many, many more.
  5. Definitely a Dixieland band "Ice cream You scream" to be one of them. On the other hand.. I'll be gone anyway so I don't really care about it
  6. Made 2 threaded brass connectors for the vacuum sync of the carbs for the shadow
  7. When I passed there I set the tent in a small camping site not far from Milau then went on the road passing under the bridge. The view was better than over it Edit: It was Saint Martin camping site https://www.campingsaintmartin.fr/
  8. Cabo da Roca is the most westerly in Europe btw You can still walk to the Playa de Tarifa just before the gates. I don't know if there is pedestrian access to the final bit but you can always try
  9. I was under the impression Isla de las Palomas/Ilsa Tarifa ( don't ask me why the 2 names, where punta de Tarifa is located) was closed to public as it is/was a military compound.
  10. I'm a HUGE fan of coastal routes. Spain by far have the best ones, smooth roads and it will follow the coastline for miles. You can go from San Sebastian to A Guarda (next to Portugues border) and you won't be more than a few 100m away from the coast at any time. Ok it is Atlantic on a colder water patch circa 12 to 16c (while further south you can reach 22c) but well worth the scenery. Spanish food in those areas are very good and even better if you like fish and seafood. Then you can go further south into the Portuguese coast all the way round an
  11. I would like to make the Pyrenees route to try the roasted cake
  12. Now you're talking Smoker Vinhais fair (northeast Portugal) Sausage festival Monchique (inner Algarve, Portugal) But then you would want to go to the cheese fair in Castelo Branco, halfway between Algarve and northern Portugal near with Spanish border) And the Alentejo cheese festival (southern region just north of Algarve) To finish it all you would go all around the country trying the wine.. So better planning staying there for a good few months
  13. Took the carbs off the Shadow (again). can't sync the damn things. Need to find why 1 of the stupid pistons doesn't want to slide properly
  14. Going back to original @bonio's post.. What you describe is a "normal" touring trip on a big bike you can go to (south/west) Portugal. Italy, Croatia, even Romania or Bulgaria (or both) East As far as Ukraine North(ish)/East Norway Sweden Finland All of these would take you 2 weeks if planned properly
  15. Don't waste your time on the Milau viaduct. Been there last year and still don't see why the wife made such a fuss about it. Is a tall bridge between 2 hills over a tiny burn. and it will cost you to cross it. Want a pretty bridge? This one is in the 28 most beautiful in the world
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