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  1. 99% done Had the take the pic while the sun was out :-) In the next hour, she will be ready for insurance tax and MOT. My beloved EXUP1000 complete restoration 99% done Excited!! SW
  2. So, the paint shop delivered all of my shiny newly painted panels back!!! :-) Pics in the next day or two of it all together and ready for MOT. I know I have only been here for a short while, but this is a 4 year project for me and I am super happy to be at the end of it. (and a little sad of course) but I am sure I will always be able to make something better! lol Pics as soon as it's back together. SW
  3. I am hoping that the next pictures you see will be it taking its maiden flight to the MOT centre :-) As soo is lockdown is over, I can go and collect the panels. everything else has happened over the last 4 years... I will get a thread going from the start of the next project. SW
  4. Let me know if I can offer any help I have a bad arse ultrasonic cleaning rig if the carbs need doing (offer open to invite only) I currently have 2 sets of EXUP carbs here with new gasket kits and recently sent a set back to someone It's my freebie lockdown offer. You can email me at simon at paramotortraining dot com if keen SW
  5. To be honest, The only reason I am taking it back to factory roll out is because I have hacked tuned, streetfightered, nitrous, and taken 5 'exup's as we know it' off the road for ever with only the frame, tank and engine staying in place in most cases :-) And I have blown one up lol So this is my payback to the EXUP community / me SW
  6. I have a feeling that you may be correct.... Which is OK lol SW
  7. Hi all, So, I have found myself in a position where I want a Buell again as I had so much fun on the demo ones we had for a year or so. However, I want a bike that I can ride rather than park and look at for fear of not being able to get parts. What would you go for as a real and close alternative to the Buell XB12 to get that same 'feeling' that those who have ridden one with any amount of anger will understand Let say... £6-7K budget. Thanks in advance
  8. LOLOL Sorry all, I have only just seen this thread... I was too busy over on the other thread I started and did not notice it having been a biker for 30 years, and a Paramotor instructor for the last 15, I am 90% positive that Flying a paramotor is massively safer than riding a bike on the UK roads. So many of our customers are bikers who would agree. Statistically, you are more likely to have an accident on the way to the airfield, than when you are in the air.
  9. No, the EXUP1000 is an inline 4. Although I do have senior contacts at Crighton Racing which is a Rotary engine my friends company build. I will start another thread. SW
  10. Some pics as requested. I have tried to do a few before and a few after shots. (although clearly not finished) Those super sexy panels have all been painted with NO stick on graphics. Everything you can see is paint and flat. Can't flipping wait!!! Thanks for the welcome all! Simon W
  11. Hi All, New to the forum but I have been riding bikes for over 30 years now. I have had many different bikes including a 320bhp GSX1100 turbo that I acquired from Gary Rothwell. I am currently restoring an 89 FZR1000 back to showroom finish (I am 4 years in so far) lol BUT It will be finished in the next 3-4 months so hopefully I will be able to catch a bit of the summer!! I wanted to say hi, and introduce myself to the MBF. Hope you are all managing to stay happy during this odd phase. Simon W.
  12. Flying motorbike anyone, when I am not restoring or riding the 30 year old EXUP1000 I will mostly be teaching people to fly https://www.paramotortraining.com Arguably, the simplest form of powered aviation. Paramotoring combines the easy and simple control of a paraglider wing, with a lightweight engine to power the aircraft over long distances. Paramotor, refers specifically to the combination of engine, frame and harness. Paramotors are build to be lightweight, strong and extremely safe. Engines can range from 80cc to 250cc and are usually powered by 2 stroke petrol. This means, with
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