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  1. One thing I would say about doing DIY mechanics is there's some people that would like to give it a go but they don't because they're worried they will damage their bike which is a shame. If you really want to give it a go buy the cheapest pile of scrap you can find and a workshop manual and take it to bits. Even if it never runs you'll learn a lot from doing it and get a bit of confidence that you can do it.
  2. The great thing about bikes is there's something in it for every personality type. Do the bit you enjoy and f what anyone else thinks.
  3. Yeah I agree. If the main fuse is blowing, a main 12V wire must be touching ground. Either touching the frame or touching a ground wire. Usually a wire rubs through it's insulation and touches the frame, but it can also happen inside a connector where there's a bad connection and that causes the connector to melt and two pins can touch. You can check visually or you can use a multimeter. You can get a multimeter for less than £10 so worth getting one. If you use the multimeter, disconnect the bike's battery, take the fuse that's blowing out. Put the multimeter on continuity (the beeping sound
  4. WD-40


    Check the drain holes between the fins. They can get block with dirt. Then water collects around spark plug 3 and 4 when the bike is on the side stand.
  5. If you click themotorbikeforum logo at the top of the page, it takes you to the main page. Now click the button that's on the left of the "start new topic" button. The button you're clicking on is called "fluid". It gives all the threads on a long list, you just tick the box on the right for whatever forums you want on the list.
  6. WD-40


    A cat can kill a rat. We had a male cat that would bring back half eaten rats
  7. Have a look at the workshop on youtube. He has a few videos on this topic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOQ_FZ6Wgmw
  8. WD-40


    You could check the connections on the starter relay. The bolted ones. Make sure they're tight. In your first post you said "I can even get the bike to start cranking over but it wont fully turn over". What did you mean by it wont fully turn over? I understood it to mean that the starter motor was turning slower than normal. Is that what you meant? Has putting the good battery in changed that or is it still doing the same thing as before?
  9. Check the voltage across the battery when the bike is running. If the charging system is good it should be around 13V at idle rising to 15V at 5000RPM.
  10. @Stu your head must be done in from all these questions
  11. Might make more sense to pick a bike that came out a few years ago like a Honda Rebel. Then compare the clearance on the original 1985 Rebel to the 2020 Rebel and see what the differences are. From what I've seen new bikes tend to have smaller clearance and tighter tolerance compared to older bikes. I'd guess it's because now they have to meet stricter emissions.
  12. Do any manufactures of bikes, cars, brake systems or brake fluid recommend flushing with alcohol? Any workshop manuals that show it being done? If you take your bike, car, truck etc to a proper mechanic do they flush with alcohol or anything other than brake fluid? Are they all doing it wrong?
  13. The only thing that should go into a brake system is the specified brake fluid. Download the workshop manual and follow the procedure in that.
  14. Yeah front break discs are expensive. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a good used set.
  15. There's a nice feature if you click the icon to the left of the start new topic button on the main page. It's called fluid. It puts all the threads from the forums you select in a single list.
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