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  1. JB weld = 7 days JB waterweld = 10 months now trying petroPatch.... would like to know how you get on with ChemMetal have got Quiksteel metal tank repair in case. lol Well tonight i went marching into Halfords with the firm intention of walking out with a tube of said chemical metal but....... right next to it on the shelf was a mix paste combo by the name of "leak-fix" its from the same folks who do the Chemy metal, plastic padding or whatever... but on the box it said fixes petrol oil water and all other manor of leaks..... in 10 MINUTES! Ha ha, well ever willing to gamble 6 qui
  2. Hah snap! I managed to get so into the drive up there once that i forgot to check my petrol guage and ran out on the way back! Well soon as the Duke is ready to hit the mean streets of Bonnie Scot i'll pipe up again and we can arange something, sound good?
  3. Im in a place called Bishopton. There's a few good routes around here but none are anywhere near long enough! I've taken to heading up Loch Lomand with the car and it blew me away the first time i did it! Yet to nip up there on the duke but beleive me its in the works ha ha.
  4. ahh thats right! I think you mentioned it in my "n00b" post i put up lol. Well right now the duke's siting with no tank on her as i discovred a teeeeeeeny little seeping of petrol from a previous repair. Nothing a blob of chemical metal wont nip in the bud though. So when thats done we'll need to get out there eh!
  5. Just got myself a Ducati 916 after having been stuck on 4 wheels for a year Unfortunatly being the only bike enthusiast in the vilage rides can get a bit lonley ha ha ha. Just wondred if there was anyone up for a blast up "the loch" or something anytime?
  6. Oh dont get me started on the bay and paypal as well. Its a double edged sword for sure! Glad your bro got his car sold though and is loving the 2 wheeled domain!
  7. 205 GTI! You could honestly forgive France everything just for having built that superb, superb little car! Aaaaalllllmost bought a 1.9 one once years ago and i wish i had!
  8. Are we talking about the new R35 GTR? It looks and sounds superb...... but dosn't it have a flappy padel gear box? EEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR Fail! Loathsome things are flappy paddel boxes! Only motorbikes and F1 cars seem to do seqential boxes properly!
  9. I love a good ride And a good bike ride as well! But i dont think i could class myself as a die hard "true biker"... I wish i could! I mean im more than happy to ride in the pissing rain (while mumbling swears into my helmet) and i cant wait to go on a great long riding/camping roadtrip but cars were my first love and bikes are more a hobby and a thrill that i enjoy when i can....... which isnt often enough right now as my steel steed is sat inopperative in my garage! Sorry to hear about you not being able to ride anymore as well manny! That must be pretty horrible (understatement of
  10. I went out to Canada and came back simply because i missed Scotland. Im not a person who could live anywhere else but here in the UK. Its just been all i've known all my life. I mean i LOVE to travel and holliday in all parts of the world, but to come home again is the greatest thing. GB has its bad points but i myself am more than happy to live with them for its good points, id defo recomend taking a LONG holiday to Auz if your serious about giving the Ex-pat life a go there.... not just 2 weeks!
  11. I never really understood that law (and many others but lets not go off on a tangent! Ha ha!) about bikes not needing mirrors or indicators by law! I mean it seems a little arse about tit when you think about it. A car could do without them as its safer to have one hand off the wheel for signaling rather than one off the bars right? And surley its safer to cock a look about in a car with no mirrors rather than on a bike? Ah well another of lifes mysterys... anyway as stated no legal need to have mirrors anywhere on your bike but if they ARE there they must not be obstructed, dagerous (ie
  12. Ha ha ha. Christ I am such a tit! I'm looking at it right now. It totaly is a horn isnt it! I just got into such a panic about what this thing could be and to be fair it dosent have its little metal cover over it either! Ahem, anyway. Thats not going to be the cause of my problem lol! Cheers........... and tell NO ONE of this! lol
  13. http://i372.photobucket.com/albums/oo163/cooptroop87/Image013-2.jpg http://i372.photobucket.com/albums/oo163/cooptroop87/Image014-1.jpg http://i372.photobucket.com/albums/oo163/cooptroop87/Image015-2.jpg http://i372.photobucket.com/albums/oo163/cooptroop87/Image016-2.jpg No idea what this bit is but it's obvioulsy electrical and it was the only "importaint" looking thing in a box of spares i got with my 79 CB400/4. Tested it today to see if it would start but no spark at the plugs. Just want to eliminate this thing before i go hunting down the problem. Cheers guys!
  14. All i'll say is this... Im VERY much a lover not a fighter, but i DO make exceptions ha ha
  15. Goes without saying but get some new friends manny! ha ha
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