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  1. There's no mention of covid! .. It say "Infectious or contagious disease" of which there are thousands!
  2. That seems to be one hell of a get out of jail card for the insurer! The following is a general list of contagious diseases. These may be transmitted via various modes. All respiratory diseases Athlete’s foot Bronchitis Chancroid Chickenpox Cold sores Common cold Conjunctivitis (Pink eye) Coxsackievirus Crabs Croup Cryptosporidiosis Diphtheria Encephalitis Epstein-Barr virus Fifth disease Flu (Influenza) Fungal skin infections Giardiasis Hepatitis B HIV/AIDS
  3. You could try this? .. Quick Tip - Reduce Timing Chain Noise in Yamaha YBR YBRG YB125Z - YouTube
  4. Here you go ... Yamaha YBR 125 Valve Clearance Check (tappets) - YouTube
  5. Just thought I would mention it as it is local to you in Coventry.
  6. Time for another one then? ... Marketplace - Kawasaki er5 (facebook.com)
  7. Lockdown? .. Yet B&Q are still open, as are Greggs. McDonalds etc people going to work on public transport. Yet an activity/industry that is probably as safe as you can get is stopped .. I agree it wont change a thing .. I was asked to share and as I agree with it I have.. If you don't agree that's also fine!
  8. Anyone fancy signing and sharing a petition? https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/558548
  9. Took spare engine out of ER5 and put original engine back in! .. Knackered now so time for a cuppa!
  10. I thought we lost our license after 40km? I wouldn't know! .. I never got caught! .. I tell a lie, I once got pinged doing 103kph going down the Bombay hills on state highway 1 on a public holiday! .. Cost me $30 for 3kph over the limit!
  11. Paraffin and gear oil for me! .. Why? .. Its cheap and it works!
  12. As of 9:00 am this morning this is still available!
  13. Just fitted replaced the camshafts and rockers in my ER5 engine .. It was a little nerve-racking doing the cam caps up to torque after reading fastbobs experience but it went OK! Next job will be to switch it back into the bike and get it running.
  14. Here's a picture ..Its NOT mine! .. Its on facebook er5 uk group. 1999 ER5 spares or repairs. Sat gathering dust. I have no time to restore and need the space. Complete bike with v5. Engine ran fine last year so no reason why it won't still. Pick up from CB1 Cambridge. Quick sale wanted £150 Has to go complete, no breaking sorry.
  15. I'll bet that it's better than mid January which is when mine is rebooked for
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