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  1. keith565

    mixing tyres

    My front tyre needs replacing soon but I'm not happy with the make. The back still has a few thousand miles left on it. So, what are your thoughts about mixing tyres?
  2. hiya just checking if you got my pm cheers keith
  3. my son has a 1997 gs 125 if they'll fit. let me know and postage costs (if they are still going)
  4. a few more videos. a long 200 mile run in yorkshire. was a fab day. these are with the camera on the front of the bike. "> "> "> ">
  5. i go to look around a few times a month as they get some nice bikes in but i can't make Thursday nights as i work them.
  6. I'm going on my holidays Monday for 2 weeks. See you when I get back. Ride. Safe.
  7. if you have copies of messages he sent you saying they would fit/be fine for your bike, then report him to ebay as the form allows you to add messages. i also believe ebay looks at any messages sent between you and the seller. sounds to me that he misled you. and if he says returns accepted then so be it. ask him again to refund you on return or you will open a dispute with ebay. that usually gets a fast response.
  8. i've had the sj4000 for a month now and i'm very impressed with it. looks like the hero 3 and specs are almost as good. lots of bits and pieces come with it inc the waterproof case. i ordered a few extra batteries as they only last about 90 minutes. i have it on 10min record so it will overwrite the old videos if i don't want to keep it. i bought mine from Tmart. there is a new one which is slightly more expensive but is Wi-Fi, i believe it sends video directly to your smart phone or tablet if you want it to. http://www.amazon.co.uk/eForWorld-SJ400 ... 000+camera http://www.tmart.com/SJ
  9. good luck with the surgery. my wife had surgery a few years ago as she lost the use of her legs (rather she would just fall down all the time). they took some discs out, did a fusion, put some rods in and now she rides pillion with me and can do just about anything. she still takes loads of painkillers, but sooooo much better.
  10. just a short video of my bike. enjoy. ">
  11. i think for the extra the sj4000 is a better camera, depending what you want. i think the one that Stu posted a link to can't be charged whilst in use, not can you change batteries. but as i say it depends what you want.
  12. i bought tis one. i think quality of video is great. you can have continuous recording, loop recording, take pictures etc. http://www.tmart.com/SJ4000-1.5-LCD-12. ... 45155.html one of my trial videos. excuse the music, was added by youtube.lol ">
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