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  1. Probably true. Especially with the spokes. Tubed tires? Not a huge issue for me, but is for some. Not sure that tank is totally retro though!
  2. Top retro reference! My Interceptor pings (a bit, I think) on cooling but is oil tight. I'll take selectively retro please and thank you!
  3. Retro is just a label, mostly concerned with looks and a dial-down in the tech. Some are more retro than others. I don't think there's any claim to be actually vintage in character. I don't quite get how the XSR is classed as retro... maybe it's just less 'pointy' than other Yamahas. How is that Honda more retro?
  4. Just noticed, that 900rs in the picture added is not stock. The original pipe is 4-1. A lot of reviewers say it's one thing that doesn't need changing! Stock bike:
  5. That would be a no for me.
  6. Wow. BMW is way out in front. Hadn't expected that strong a preference.
  7. Most definitely the Interceptor. I'm very biased though. For starters, the Interceptor is underpriced for what it is...
  8. I'm fantasising about a new (or newish) bike. Opinions please? I don't think the Honda or the Yamaha are actually retro, but they are sort of in the same bracket, and often come up in the comparisons. I understand that the prices are different, and that probably would rule of the BMW, but apart from that... I have a non-confirmed favourite but won't say it yet. Edit: I've added pictures of the bikes (Tiggie)
  9. Interesting experiment. I've been using various types of spare bits engine oil but haven't looked at the rating. I get a bit of fling from the Gibidi but nothing terribly worrying. Stops the bike being too clean and shiny. Never liked that!
  10. I'm withdrawing my +1 in favour of Calimoto. I just found that they don't know about the longest bridge in Ireland and its associated national route, more than a year after it opened. When I pointed this out, they came up with a bunch of hilarious excuses before effectively telling me to piss off.
  11. Saw that. It'd be handy if they offered it as an add-on for earlier bikes.
  12. Assume that they are all out to kill you, and behave accordingly. (Because they actually are.)
  13. Please excuse the level of triviality of this topic, which has been encouraged by the 'where to wash my bike' thread. My question: are hand guards on a road motorbike too naff? (I know they are naff, but it's a question of degree.) I am too old to be taking this seriously, and to be concerned with naffness in general, but I can't help it. I can see the huge practical benefits, but for me they are in with those hand muff thingeys. An added complication: the hand guards I'm looking at have integrated dlr lights. Again, a big plus, as I was thinking of getting
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