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  1. What's the world coming to? All this discussion of 4-wheelers on a motorbike forum and ne'er a mention of cagers! Much too maturecand reasonable.
  2. Yeah, fair point. I was thinking the biggest danger from dumb cars, as with dumb drivers, is probably on urban streets.
  3. Self-driving tech has gone 90% of the way, but it's the last stretch that's difficult, according to this in the Guardian... https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/jan/03/peak-hype-driverless-car-revolution-uber-robotaxis-autonomous-vehicle. As for bicycles, they are being separated out already in their own lanes, in most civilised places.
  4. I suppose. When I hosed the oil radiator the other day there was a lot of hissing, so I thought that's going to be a sudden cooling with metal contracting. Maybe I should just stop worrying .
  5. Just wondering about washing off crud after using the bike, as I've recently got access to a hose outlet. Interested in opinion on whether it's ok to hose down all parts of a hot bike (air and oil-cooled), or should I let it cool off.
  6. I'd probably agree with every word of that! Schuberth are lovely: they make me go 'mmm' in motorbike shops. But so is having £500 (I think -- I have had €500, but never £500 ) . I know which I'd choose. Maybe reams of features, and of course exclusivity, but apart from official validation there seems to be little science justifying the massively expensive options. For example, I came across a piece of research some time ago* saying the top helmets only achieved marginally better noise protection than mid-range. I suspect that's probably true across a lot of variables. *I can't find i
  7. I'm not convinced that the best you can afford necessarily equates with the best lid. Helmets are functional items and you can objectively see some of what you're getting for your money, in terms of weight, features, etc. But they also are fashion items, and in fashion the main idea is that people pay for a label's statement, where quality may or may not follow. So I think that until there is some sort of independent testing arrangement beyond meeting basic standards we are largely working on trust and intuition. HJC i70 does it for me... I'm not persuaded I need to spend more, thoug
  8. Came across this a while back. I like my Interceptor's 'respectful purr' -- and the odd decel pop
  9. Bimbling is great. But sometimes I like a good blem.
  10. I can't remember ever thinking about blipping (only recently revealed to me a 'rev matching'). It just seemed a natural thing to do. Maybe it was just fun. When I came back to bikes after a good few years off them, I found myself doing it automatically. I've actually tried to stop to see what would happen with a slipper clutch, but I've found it quite difficult. I can't stop blipping! I do think a lot of these things are over-thunk nowadays, thanks to the Internet. Counter-steering anybody? We've all been counter-steering since we took stabilisers off our first bicycle.
  11. Exactly why it keeps happening. Whose job is it to enforce?
  12. On my (non-muscle) road bike, I would avoid going too high, as I intuitively would expect to lose grip, whiteline etc., and I would avoid going too low, because that means increased wear of expensive tyres. 32psi front and 36 rear as per the manual seems to work, and I haven't seen a compelling reason to deviate from those.
  13. Goldie lookin chain be cos it looks good! https://youtu.be/ICG0MuzEYzw
  14. The change charge is that a reducer to 5v for usb? Does it isolate when bike turned off? Even with nothing plugged in they can take a little current. Yes, 3 amp or so usb charger. I didn't realise it would draw when not in use! I can disconnect at the sae connector. I assume that would do the trick? I'd put it on the switched circuit but it's been great to have when camping and charging the power bank. Usually, camping goes with longish runs, so the charge should be ok.
  15. Right... stop worrying! I'll go with that solution for now! If anything just get a multimeter across the battery terminals to make sure you have plenty of charge You're ahead of me... can't find my old one, last used maybe 10-15 years ago, and buying one today!
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