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  1. Well if you want a data centre built from an empty shell, what will you offer in return. Fish
  2. I'd blame the one that was parked side on in the middle of the road. The one coming down the road had the ability to steer so not that bad Fish
  3. Gave it a much needed wash after last weeks weather, also adjusted the chain. It looks like once you start adjusting an MT125 chain, you're forever doing it until it's replaced. Only got 3550 miles on it, should they start stretching this soon? Fish
  4. I saw on the news this morning about there being frost and possible black ice out and about. Thankfully nothing of the sort for me, mostly dry roads other than the odd damp patch which I still took care on when cornering. All new to me this game. Fish
  5. I was on the understanding that the CBT is valid for 2 year period not 12 months. If so, then I'll be out of CBT by the time they get around to my DAS course. Fish
  6. I'll lend you the £500 and we'll split the profits
  7. Seeing as I can't go shooting I thought I'd strip the guns down and give them a proper clean. Fish
  8. I set the disc lock alarm off just to make sure it's working
  9. Chip shop chips, chicken from off and strawberry shake from McD's
  10. I'd love for the local traffic division to do spot checks on all the delivery drivers/riders.... I bet 80% of them don't have the proper insurance for doing the deliveries. Fish
  11. Rather have the bullitt Fish
  12. Hopefully get my DAS done so I can progress onto something that has some go in it.... This 125 although nice is painful at times. Fish
  13. Afternoon everybody, to top off being put into isolation today, I've just received an email telling me that my DAS training due to start on the 4th Jan has been cancelled for a second time. This is really dumb as I can still book the actual test itself! Fish
  14. The main reason for a more upright bike is to see over as many cars as possible, I have ridden a sports for a day and it wouldn't be a choice for daily stuff. At the end of the day, you'll be the owner and user so it's really your choice. Fish
  15. I will now be sitting indoors drinking. This is due to some extra special civil servant who came into work when not feeling well, going home and getting tested positive for covid! That's managed to put 6 engineers on lockdown and a customer site with just 1 engineer to provide support. F**king ungrateful bunch at the best of times, but this has really annoyed me. Fish
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