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  1. might go treat myself to a second lid that fits me
  2. Fish

    Bike safe

    I get the odd email offering dates, but as soon as you open it all the dates are already booked out. Plus not sure I'd want to do it on L's Fish
  3. Mine's a Yam, so I know I'll have zero issues of resale. Fish
  4. Well if 5k is past its best, then my 125 I bought in June last year is for the scrap heap Fish
  5. It appears that someone who attends Boxhill likes to take pictures. Surprised the camera still worked after this one.
  6. My father once took me to a football match and we didn't even make it to half time. Something about me calling out to them to put some effort in and stop behaving like little ballet dancers.....
  7. I've had FM, HJC, Scorpion EXO 1400 Carbon Air which was all for karting before I grew a pair and got on a bike. I wanted a second lid so went to a Helmet City and bought a HJC R-HPA 11 Bine, which was incorrectly sized by at least one but more like two sizes. It was still pushing the cheeks slightly but I was getting a lot of wind noise. Helmet City waas not interested in the slightest in trying to resolve the issue, so when I needed to replace my existing Scorpion I went to JS in Maidstone and they confirmed that the SCorpion I already had was correctly sized and I chose the same again.
  8. Cleaned the chain then off to Boxhill to see what else was out today
  9. Evenig all, here's to everyone having a nice relaxing weekend of enjoyment.
  10. Had the rear spindle brackets fitted instead of drilling and tapping the swing arm. Fish
  11. Clay shooting all weekend, unless it snows on Monday that is Fish
  12. Training companies block book them, then release when not needed. Nothing new here. Fish
  13. Fish

    Car Aircon

    Get on GroupOn, there's normally plenty of deals for AirCon re-charges Fish
  14. Worth having a look on the Sold Secure website. Do a search on locks, chains, anchors all are listed and rated. Fish
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