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  1. I am Southampton based so anytime people want to meet at Loomies is fine by me...shift dependant
  2. be happy to keep speed down if it helps
  3. I'd be interested as well if people want to meet up before hand, work in fareham but live southampton
  4. Am living in Southampton and happy to meet some bikers in local area, as not long moved down here.
  5. Congratulations...take it steady but enjoy
  6. same here, fantastic sat nav, i've had a couple for my car in the last few years, and this one is usable for cars and bike...great bit of kit with the mapsource
  7. birchy


    We have to be fit in the military, however you wouldnt know it by looking at some people. I find having a good soundtrack on helps, and start off slower but as you get to the end of your run really push hard, 100% effort in the last 5 mins, almost to the point of sprinting. This means you will get the full benefit of the exercise and should help increase your overall sprint. I try and do this up a hill, for the last leg of the run, which isnt easy as london is a flat as a witches t*t
  8. Thanks guys. I will be posting what routes I did and pictures from most of the towns. I am open if anyone wants to join me. I am not planning much, only my tunnel crossings. I want the trip to be pretty flexable, I might take a tent and just stop off at hotels I have had my full car license for about 8 years now and have european coverage on my insurance as well. So pretty lucky in that respect. Pricing up the chunnel is suprising cheap.
  9. I am looking at organising myself a tour of a few countries. I've only been riding for about 6 months but want to go on a tour. Looking for tips and advice-I've read through the previous posts-which have been very informative. I'm looking at travelling through Belgium, Germany, through the alps, turin, marsaille & then head back after a day or two on the french coast. Any comments are welcome Thanks in advanced Birchy
  10. congratulations mate, bet you cant wait. What bike you going to go for?
  11. Afternoon all, I need a bit of advice from some of you if thats ok. I pick up my new bike tomorrow and off to Wolverhampton in the afternoon, Gloucester sat, and back to Northolt Via Aldershot on sunday. I want to get the 1st service out of the way ASAP (hence the miles) What I am thinking of though is I have a HG Gortex suit, and silver helmet, but was thinking about a H belt, to give me some visibilty to other road users-as my gear & bike are black. What would you guys advise? Any suggestions welcome...they dont have to all be sensible
  12. Mod 2 passed today at southall, no minors Now I wasn't expecting that. Good ride nothing out of the ordinary, apart from buses pulling out on my and pulling in with out indicating. Time seemed to fly, and. Just been and ordered a new gsx650F and already insured it...only annoying thing is I now have to wait until friday next week to take delivery. The guys at passmasters ruislip were fantastic throughout. Now off for beer and footy
  13. I dropped the training bike for the 1st time on thursday during one of my final Direct access lessons. I was left, using a bus lane when over the radio the instructor said at the end we are turning right, just to warn you for road postioning, so I did my mirrors indicate and lifesave, come out to the outside lane and saw the traffic lights-but before there was a small road on the right, I was sure he meant the traffic lights but as I approached the gap in the central reservation he said again turn right....So I paniked and braked, aiming for the central reservation, making it just but it was
  14. Mod One taken and passed this morning. Day started with about ten mins rain...great! i thought this was an omen!!! lol. So my mate George did his just before me watched him and everything seemed perfect for him, all maneuvers looked solid and stable. So my turn, met the instructor and had a bit of a laugh...putting nerves at ease a bit. 1st bit was the box to box push. all observations done..did it in a oner, trained with the 3 point turn but in the brief he said push backwards all the way, so i did and he said thats how i like it to be done, all in one move.....again nerves being
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