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  1. A lot of my friends are leaving the sports bikes behind now and going for cruisers, nakeds or more sit up and relax type bikes and seem to have just as much fun if not more as you say
  2. Really!? To be fair I can imagine after riding something newer and more nimble it would be hard to go back. I must admit I forced myself to like the TL at first as I'd wanted one for so long and it does wear me out to give it a good hard ride. I do enjoy it though. Ill always admit my previous 636 kwak was probably just as fast if not faster and a lot easier to ride though ha
  3. Hmmm that's an interesting set of replies already. Good point made in regards to riding one first and seeing if I actually like it firstly! I suppose theyre pretty similar to a TL really then, old, and a bit fragile in places. Maybe it would be a bit costly to have two bikes of that nature haha! I cant bring myself to get rid of the TL so maybe something newer and more reliable would be better as a second bike
  4. Been toying for a long time of buying either of the above as a garage ornament/sunny day toy. Just wondering if they're as bad as they're made out to be for reliability and servicing costs? Would sitting round a lot be worse for them in terms of their reliability? I do imagine being a twin that the 748 would feel quite slow? Anyone got any info or experience to share?
  5. Ooh that's a bargain! I had the previous shape model to this and it was a belting bike. Be surprised if it doesn't sell fast!
  6. I used to live in a barn conversion on an old farm. The next farm down from us had a cat that used to wander up the fields and let himself into peoples houses. He was a big bugger, big enough to scare our 3 cats into hiding and even the dog thought twice haha. I woke one night to a thud on the landing and sure enough when I checked, the big fat lump had jumped through the window and was standing at the top of the stairs. I stood at the bottom and will never forget the shock and horror as this cat launched at me hissing and making noises I never knew a cat could make. It landed on my chest
  7. Been there done that, still got claims for over payments long after we'd stopped receiving it I remember my ex claiming working tax credits for me to which I was entitled to £0 and I would still get over payment letters at least every 12 months
  8. Started it! For the first time since october! I did try around mid january when it was snowing but it was too cold and the old bat wasnt interested in firing up at the time
  9. Looking online and doing a quick online calculator it says the charges will be around £44 for a £177 part. Does this sound about right would you say? It worked out about 4.79 duty and 38 ish tax
  10. Ive had a nosey but Ill message them just in case mate yeah thank you
  11. This is what I'm looking at, its the only place I seem to be able to find a carbon one that looks to be a direct fit
  12. Ooh now that would be annoying!! I've had stuff go missing with royal mail a few times now but its usually arrived a few months later or been replaced and arrived ok. A year though is taking the mick a bit! Might be a good point you've raised there with changing the value! I'll have to look into it.
  13. Pair of stubby style exhaust cans for sale to fit TL1000 S or R models & SV1000 also Very good condition Sound fantastic! Excellent build quality Only done around 2000 miles since new. Carbon hanger straps included Only selling as I have too many sets of exhausts and parts sitting around . Were £190 new, will sell for £120 postage included Pics attached are of the actual cans when they were fitted to my bike. Any questions or further pics needed, don't hesitate to ask
  14. Having a big fat heavy beast that I don't really wander far from I don't use any when out and about. Though when its in the garage it does have a big fat chain and a car blocking the door
  15. Bit of a mixed post here really. I'm quite keen on finding myself a carbon fiber belly pan or set of belly panels for my TL1000R to replace the standard bottom panels. The only ones I can find are sold in the good old U, S and A. First question is do we have to pay duty on stuff from America and if so is it a lot? I have visions of ending up paying double the original cost by the time I've been charged duty etc. Second part of the post..... if anyone knows anywhere else that does carbon parts for TLR's, more specifically the belly panels could you let me know please
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