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  1. Stopped in quickly this evening for a nosey, was very busy and the food smelt amazing.
  2. As the title says I have a power commander 2 for sale to fit the TL1000R. Item is used, supplied with disc containing several maps and cable required to link to your laptop for setting up. £70 posted Will post pics if required
  3. Anyone go on a Monday night? Not been myself yet but from pictures it looks very popular already and I hear the chips are good
  4. That looks really nice! And a pretty decent fit too. I have emailed them to ask if it comes with the tank cover just to be sure, which they got back to me and confirmed it does. Mines still on original tank with no cover at the min. The plan is to have the tank re sprayed eventually but for the time being I was hoping a cover would be a decent fit. Ill just have to see how it goes I suppose
  5. I'm sure I'm in a minority when I say this but I aren't on facebook haha
  6. I knew someone who told me that the S model was a brilliant bike and he'd had five of them that had all blown up . Then he was doing something wrong then! I am sure @Harris will tell you the engines are pretty much bullet proof Yeah they're definitely strong engines! If he was a wheelie monster he'd have soon starved the front cylinder of oil and blown them that way though
  7. My S survived 9 years in my hands then 3 weeks in my brothers I knew someone who told me that the S model was a brilliant bike and he'd had five of them that had all blown up . I've heard mixed stories to be fair, I'm sure someone said that the S has stronger internals compared to the R. Might be wrong though
  8. Ive got the site, but the photos don't show them fitted to a bike. They dont show the tank cover in the pics either so its hard to judge how well it will fit. https://www.motorcyclefairingsale.co.uk/suzuki-fairings/tl1000r.html
  9. Yeah from doing my homework the ABS injection fairings are supposed to be a better fit than the vacuum produced ones. I dont mind a bit of nipping and adjusting here and there to make them fit better.
  10. I'm interested in ordering some ABS injection made fairings for my bike. Until I can get the tank resprayed I will be using the tank cover supplied with the fairings. Just wondered if anyone has used or does use one of these covers and could tell me what the fitment is like?
  11. Boardman MTR 8.6 mountain bike for sale Owned for 12 months and pretty much immaculate. Very very little use. Cost £1000 last summer. Need the garage space so letting it go for £750 Would need to be collected from North Staffs
  12. Probably because all the R's were well looked after and all the S's were ragged to shit . Or The R tank gets trashed in a smash Nah all the S's were crashed and smashed. The R's all caught fire
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