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  1. Interesting topic. When I was a wedding photographer I was very paranoid about backing up, so for each usb HD I had to archive pictures, I had an other to back up. Plus I had one of the Synology Raid box, with 4 disks, in Raid 5, where to keep an extra back up. Then all the pictures were reduced as jpg and back up on Google drive. Now, I'm not a wedding photographer anymore, and I basically I sold all the disks, just to make some money to keep the motorbike safe.
  2. Hi guys, thanks to all of you and thanks for the videos. So I used the car this morning, many ice patches on the rural roads around me and temperature was -1. So I'm glad I didn't risk it. Thanks again Giorgio
  3. Hi guys and girls, How are you? Hope you are having a fantastic new year Tomorrow, I'll got to the office for the first time after 2 months, and I really would love to go by bike. It is a 35 mile trip, from Croydon to Horsham. Well, the reason tell me not to , temperature tomorrow will be no more than 3 degrees, so , there is a high risk of ice. I was thinking to stick to bus roads, but still, there could be patches of ice. Reason says to use the car, my hart says to use the bike, what you would do? I have a small cruiser, so my tyres a
  4. Thanks for sharing, very useful for other members to read your post. Congratulations!
  5. Hi all, I'm selling my loved Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 ABS 2020, bought in July with added: RG engine crash bars, Original Kawasaki Vulcan S LED light bar Kawasaki 12V plug Kawasaki passenger backrest TomTom Rider 550 with a powered mount Tracker Asking Price is £6500 I live in Croydon, South London. Let me know if you are interested to have a look at the bike. Have a great day, Giorgio
  6. Re test today - Managed to find another school that could get me a test sooner. Back out in Burgess Hill this morning and got it! It's almost as if they knew me as we spent 10 mins on the dual carriageway(Different slip entry this time!) Thought i'd cocked it up right at the end, as Van coming towards me overtaking parked cars in an industrial estate. My last lesson was all about there's loads of room go for it, so i went for it, the examiner sat back and waited. Pulled me om it as the only minor. Either way - taxed and insured the street triple and been out already - great feeling!
  7. Hi guys, silly questions, do you use any product to make the helmet visor kind of waterproof, so the water doesn't stay on it during rainy days or you just wipe it off with your gloves? Thank you
  8. HI guys and girls, how are you? Just wondering, do you listen to music, or audiobooks while raiding? Is it something distracting or that blend well during a ride? I'm asking because I'm interested to purchase a BTH headset for my helmet, mainly because I want to listen to the TomTom directions, but then, I'm a bit afraid, I will start to make phone call, listen to music, and my favourite audiobooks. What is your experience? Have a great evening Giorgio
  9. Went for a short ride to a very hilly area not too far from where I live. I still need to get confident in slow speed handling, so I practise quite sharp turns uphill and downhill. Happy about it
  10. Went to install crash bars https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TzoRkSkfxBFS0-Hby_z8nwhuHPccIKuQ/view?usp=sharing
  11. Wow! Fantastic bike! What you wrote is very inspiring for me, I really would love to do what you did, load your bike up and go for an adventure. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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