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  1. Hi all, I’m after some leathers, ideally 2 piece but not too fussy. I’m trying to avoid brand new as I’m on a budget but can’t find anything used to fit at the moment! I’m 6’ 3” with a 42” waist and a 50-52” chest if anyone can help out? thanks
  2. I haven’t stripped it yet so no measurements. I did adjust the clutch before Christmas at the engine end but haven’t had a chance to test it yet. however I’m planning a couple of big trips this year if covid allows it so I would like to know that everything is good before I go.
  3. Keeper96

    Lake Garda

    In the summer I’m planning on riding to lake Garda to meet a friend who’s on holiday there. im planning on staying overnight on the south coast to start early from northern France in the morning. I want to stay over night in Baden Baden before taking the b500 through the black Forrest then through the Swiss alps heading on towards lake como for an overnight stop before going from como to Garda. how far would people say is practical to ride in one day? would barden barden be reachable from Calais? Around 420 miles on the motorways. thanks
  4. Hi all, im looking to replace the clutch in my bike, has anyone tried the gecko clutches? they’re about £20 cheaper than an ebc friction plate kit. I’ll also replace the springs at the same time. I’m torn between replacing or reusing the steel plates though. if they’re Warped obviously I’ll change them but if they’re okay I’m not sure on what to do, a full ebc kit with steel plates is £140ish and on an apprentice wage that extra £70-90 makes a difference
  5. Fitted a Scottoiler and adjusted the clutch cable, now I need to decide if it’s new chain and sprocket time or if I’m just bored and want to fiddle....
  6. Hi all, Ive got a ‘99 gsx600f but it’s a bit of a bitsa bike as it’s got the engine from an ‘88-‘97 gsxf in it. I’m looking for new sprockets and chain to get ready for the spring but the chains listed that would match the bike are different from what would match the engine. should I buy parts to match the engine or the bike? cheers Jamie
  7. Small world! I was doing the intermediate couplers on the same unit haha!
  8. Oh god it’s your lot who where making all the racket today at Heaton then!
  9. I’ve got the ‘99 model. After learning on an mt07 I wasn’t that keen on the 600 to start with as it always felt like I was thrashing it to stay in the power band but now I’m getting used to it o love it. as a first bike I think it’s ideal as it’s quick enough and handles well enough to be fun, I can fit a full soft luggage set for touring and at 6” 3’ and 22 stone I still feel comfortable after a couple of hours. also they’re cheap enough that if you do drop it it’s not the end of the world, parts are fairly cheap and it’s simple to work on. mines had a couple of issu
  10. I know what I’m looking at next then haha
  11. What’re you driving to get that mpg and power combo!
  12. I’m in Stanley I’m trying every trick going to get away from the area all together!
  13. Well the iron works has gone so no more dust but consett is still an absolute dive
  14. I’m the total opposite, can fix most things made of metal but haven’t a clue where to start on even the simplest of house jobs
  15. I’m intending to do the nc500 in may but the other way round so if things tie in may bump into you at some point!
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