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  1. Hello all, ive just bought a 955i and want some panniers to fit it. Can anyone help if these will fit or will I also need to source mounting frames? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Alu-Side-cases-35l-40l-with-kit-for-Triumph-Tiger-800-XC-900-955i/283427844951?fits=UKM_Make%3ATriumph|UKM_Model%3ATiger&hash=item41fd9db357:g:zxIAAOSw~b1dlJiB the description is a bit vague to me. thanks jamie
  2. I’m definitely not short... the reason for looking at tigers is I’m 6’ 3” and my gsxf is too cramped for long journeys. my touring will be all solo, in the end budget has decided it and I can afford up to £4K but a 955i with full luggage for £2k was too tempting and leaves money for home improvements... I hate growing up sometimes!
  3. Hi all, I'm looking to move on from my first bike to an adventure bike for the extra room now my insurance had dropped a little. in my budget I have the pick of the 955i or I can afford a 1050 but with no luggage. I want it for Sunday morning blasts, commuting and touring. I’m not a fast rider but I do like to push on occasionally. any input would be appreciated Jamie
  4. Just on the topic of spring length as it’s been bugging me since you first mentioned it so I checked in some manuals at work. generally when spring lengths are given they’re a service limit, so the longest or shortest length depending on their use. In this case they get compressed by the pressure plate so the limit in your manual will be the shortest acceptable length, as yours are longer than stated they are still within spec. but it’s all sorted so happy days!
  5. That is amazing
  6. Very tempting... I’ll drop you a message
  7. What’s the catch?
  8. £1700 running and mot but needed some paint doing, been online for a few hours and when I rang to place a deposit the seller taken a deposit, I’m next in line but doubt I’ll get that lucky!
  9. Just missed out on my dream bike, zxr750, for an absolute steal... be a while before another one pops up in my budget
  10. I always give the car 2 minutes before setting off while I sort out the radio, plug phone in etc. I run the bike engine in the garage on half choke until it smooths out and the revs pick up, some days that’s 30 seconds, other days it takes 2 minutes. this morning I pushed it to the front of the house then put my tank bag on and started it while I put my gloves on so it only had 30 seconds idling before moving away and it was very hesitant to accelerate until I was about 2 minutes from home so for my bike it definitely seems to be necessary to warm it up
  11. Keeper96

    Clutch wear

    Fitted last night, ran on the centre stand to test function then took it out today, it all seems okay so hopefully I’ve been lucky!
  12. Keeper96

    Clutch wear

    Makes sense, so with them sitting in oil in the sump/crankcase all will be okay?
  13. Keeper96

    Clutch wear

    No? I’d never heard that before?
  14. Keeper96

    Clutch wear

    New clutch fitted! after getting told the old hub was fine I then snapped one of the castings off for the spring bolts by standing on it managed to find one on eBay for £10 in better condition than mine though! New EBC friction plates and genuine Suzuki springs and steel plates sourced for £130 and fitted this evening. Changed the oil and filter just as a precaution and got the cable adjusted much easier than previous times. take care everyone
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