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  1. Thanks all!! Yeah I completely agree with GoreTex suggestions, I know it can be a bit pricier but it’s so good at what it does, and thankfully the Cyclone trouser and jacket come with D3O armour. However, @jedibiker - your comments on the back armour are sensible, so I need to check that and see what level that is, and maybe look to get a higher level. Also @daveinlim couldn’t agree more about going into a shop - as sizing can be so different per brand!! SportsBikeShop in Boston were awesome! I ended up trying about 6 jackets on (although there were 3 straig
  2. Hi All. What can I say other than "Thank you!" and you've renewed my faith The Facebook discussion was heavily dominated by comments akin to "so you only value your life at £125", which not only causes a new rider a significant level of fear, it also makes me feels like I've made a really foolish purchase, when I thought I'd done well on my research etc. All of your comments have been fantastic and confirmed my suspicions that when you want a thoughtful, measured set of opinions, this forum is exactly the place to come as opposed to listening the through-away comments
  3. Hi all. New to biking and doing CBT next week! Myself and my wife have bought our motorcycle gear and spent a decent amount of money at SportsBikeShop. However the helmet we both got was the HJC C70 which we chose because of the SHARP 5* rating and integrated sun-visor. I've joined couple of biking Facebook groups, and there was a very active post today on how much you spend on a helmet. I thought that, although our helmets were not too expensive at £125, they must be safe if they’re SHARP 5*? However a lot of people on the group were quite scathing of anyt
  4. Hi All. So I'm completely new to motorbikes (got my CBT coming in a couple of weeks), and I've read that it's worth taking a motorbike maintenance course. I know there's load of helpful YouTube videos out there but can anybody recommend a maintenance course in the Peterborough/ Grantham/ Nottingham/ Bourne/ Sleaford etc. Thanks!
  5. Hi all - looking for a 125 and after much exploration and learning that Chinese bikes really are a bad idea, I’m leaning towards a 2nd Honda CB125R. Just wondering how many miles a decent 125 (Honda, Yamaha etc) will do and what level of mileage ‘safe’ to buy in terms of when do faults start happening, reselling etc. e.g is 5,000 miles past the bike’s best or are generally good up to 10,000. Thanks all!
  6. Ok yep - read enough reviews over the last couple of hours to confirm there is a real trend in Chinese bikes coming over to England and getting some form of classic styling with an inflated price tag, which you could get a CB125R with a few miles on! Thanks all
  7. Hi guys. So in my motorbike infancy (my wife and I have our CBT in a few weeks), but I’ve begun to understand that when searching for a 125, most people will advise to go with Japanese makes and avoid Chinese makes at all costs because of depreciation, faults etc etc. So I wanted to gets peoples thoughts on Mutt’s machines. My understanding is that they’re engines are Chinese built but they are Suzuki engines built to spec, which is then shipped over to UK and the bike is built by Mutt in Birmingham. We probably won’t be looking to sell the bike on quickly (
  8. This alone is great feedback guys! Peatear - I've heard the same about MCE so if I'm honest I'll be steering well clear of them. Any other opinions would be very welcome, but I'll start to gather quotes, especially from Bikesure and BeMoto Thanks
  9. Hi All Ahead of taking my CBT in a few weeks time, I just wanted to ask for opinions on insurance firms. I'll be looking at a policy which allows social and commuting use. I'm going to gather a range of quotes, but it's also good to go via recommendations Thanks!
  10. Oh God I hadn’t thought of that! I definitely don’t want everyone to give away their security details! Was more just looking for opinions on what are the best Brands in each category, what are people’s thoughts on each category etc. (E.g. I’ve heard some people say grip locks aren’t worth it, and then other say they’re great!)
  11. Hi All. New to this wonderful world of biking and taking my CBT in a few weeks, but do want to start thinking about how I’m going to protect my machine at home and at the station/work (when I eventually start commuting again). I plan on installing a tracking system like BikeTrac etc. And then installing bike anchors at home with a decent chain and lock. Then thinking about adding disc locks and possibly grip locks. So hoping to get some views on each of the following items: Trackers: Ground anchors: Chains: Chain Locks (for home and station):
  12. Thanks for all the advice guys! Yeah, I think I feel more comfortable getting a 125 so that I can get straight out after my CBT and start getting experience on a less powerful machine. Plan is ride ride this around on a day to day and take big bike lessons over a few months then take the Mod1 and Mod2. Steve M - thanks for mentioning the IAM and RoSPA... I was reading up about these the other day and am definitely very interested. I will be adding the Cadwell Park one to the list. I’m conscious I’m starting my biking life slightly late at 41, so I know I have some catch
  13. Yeah I’m 41, so can go for the full A license. However, everyone I’ve spoken to has advised getting a 125 to hone road skills for a few months while you do big-bike lessons, leading up to Mod1 and Mod2. Welcome thoughts though!
  14. Hey all! So I have my CBT at start of the May (cannot wait - earliest date we could arrange!) Looking on here and various Facebook groups, I see a lot of people seem to buy their first 125 prior to doing their CBT so they can crack on and start putting the newly acquired skills to practice. I’m guessing this also helps with insurance, in that you can take your time in finding the best price. Just looking for thoughts really, and opinions on what other people have done. Thanks!
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