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  1. Wurth dry chain lube... won't use anything else. great stuff!
  2. http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa3/tankbag/loaded_bandit.png nice! that is def loaded up more than mine... what seat cushion is that then? i still feel silly pulling up somewhere and having to carry my airhawk away with me. perhaps a new bike is in order
  3. someone might have been looking for this in the 'tried and tested' section been thinking about getting some of these for a while now, so cheers for the review, i most probably will go with these as i didn't want to fit heated grips. be good to know how you rate them after a months use?!
  4. Google Squire locks, much cheaper and just as good (if not better) in my opinion!
  5. depends if you have a new style visor that fits the max vision pinlocks... my new shoei helmet came with one of these, and it goes so close to the edge of the visor i can hardly notice it at all compared to the pinlock i had in my Arai.
  6. for reasons i won't bore you with here, i ended up buying an Airhawk 2 seat cover last week... so here are my thoughts, pros -really easy to put on the bike/set up -very comfortable -cuts out bike vibrations -easily adjustable via an air valve located at the back of the seat cons -takes a few rides to get used to it, and get the right amount of air in (tip - under inflated is better than over inflated) -have to take it off when you leave your bike parked up, as it would be very easy to steal -you look a bit of a n0b having a seat cushion on your bike if you're in the market fo
  7. I have a pair of spada gloves that I bought a few years back, they were ok. Shame to hear about your suit. But at the same time, it is good to hear an honest review. Weise is really good gear from what I hear so I'm sure you'll be fine!
  8. gore-tex boots, or some sealskinz socks, or the cheapest option, wrap your feet (over your socks) in cheap plastic carrier bags
  9. everyone goes through this on their bike if they use it in all weathers... i think most people will tell you that they're still searching for the 'holy grail' of wet weather gear, that is: waterproof, breathable, lightweight, only one layer, affordable, etc etc i know you said you don't want another layer to put on, but a waterproof over jacket works very well, especially if it is the type that doesn't have a zip up front (you have to put it on over your head). Bit of a faff, but i stay completely dry on my top half when wearing this. Only downside is it's not breathable, so can't wear i
  10. Should say that I don't carry the 16mm chain around with me, it's a lock for home. I've got a 14mm squire chain for at work. Xena do good disc locks from what I remember.
  11. Google elitesecurity they do loads of really decent motorbike security chains, locks etc. I've got one of their 16mm Protector chains, it's a beast!
  12. 2 years on and still going strong, no problems with any zips, and leather is still looking good. A quick clean with a baby wipe once in a while, and a bit of that nikwax leather waterproof and jobs a goodun.
  13. If I had the money I'd be getting a full Rukka suit! So I can understand spending out on nice gear if you can afford it. Some of that heine gericke gear is really good.
  14. i'm getting me some heated inner gloves soon! Keis make some for around 50 quid
  15. next on your list should be a ce level 2 back protector (strap on kind)
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