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  1. If you have been doing things on instinct, that's where things can go wrong on examination day. Nerves kick in and instinct gets shot. You need to have a physical drill you follow. For example, on u turn shift weight left and look up high at a predetermined object over your right shoulder. Likewise, for slalom physically shift body weight from side to side and keep head up. Shifting weight and head up really help your balance and stop the dreaded foot down.
  2. Just so you know, it will escalate. You'll pass CBT. Then you'll think..mmm I'd like to get rid of my L plates. You'll do theory, then realise you might as well do big bike test. You'll do lessons on a 650, and quite like the power. You'll pass the test and then get a bigger bike. How do I know? Exactly one year ago I was wondering about doing my CBT, now I've sold the 125 and got a bigger bike. I had no intention to do anything other than potter about on a 125.
  3. Over the moon to have passed mod2 today, on second attempt. First attempt was at Exeter test center. I was due to pass but at the last minute failed. Approaching a roundabout which I wasn't familiar with. Instruction was 'cross roundabout 2nd exit towards Marsh Barton'. I was in left lane, quite happy until I saw a left only pointing arrow in my lane. I thought oh oh, best get into the right hand lane, which had a straight ahead arrow and right arrow. Manouver was done safely. I went straight ahead, second exit as asked. I failed for failing to follow signposts, which I was a bit miffed at
  4. Just joined so thought I'd share my mod 1 experience which I passed today. I feel this test is very mentally challenging. It's largely down to how your body responds to stress ie tensing up, causing you not to breath etc. These things cause feet to go down. As you wake up in the morning of the test, displace any feelings of dread with those of opportunity. You chose to do this, it's what you wanted. You've been looking forward to this day for ages and now it's here. Great that you managed to get a date for the test. Keep thinking these positive thoughts and your body will not respond with
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