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  1. yes Stu, just to give the cables a a once over, recently got a new bike so giving it a real thorough going over ready for new season starting. Already adjusted all the controls to fit me specifically, now want to lube and adjust the clutch as bar end adjuster is all the way out.
  2. Probably been asked a thousand times before, but what is a good cable lubricant. I previously used GT85, but is it worth the extra for something like specific Motul cable lube ?
  3. Hi all, Just thought I would post a couple of photos of the exhaust I went for. It is carbon fibre made by SP Engineering and has a 1 screw removable baffle. Was a great price, delivered quickly, looks very nice and feels high quality. Was easy to fit and comes with new hanging bracket, only thing it didn`t come with was a gasket. Would recommend SP Engineering to anyone very good company.
  4. Thanks to everyone for their advice, in the end i went for the carbon fibre can - http://www.spengineering.co.uk/product- ... haust.html
  5. Yes the more i look at the sp site, I'm sure there the one for me, but so many choices, stubby or full, between carbon or burned effect
  6. I have found a few to choose from, which one do you all think would be best. Sportsbike shop - http://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcy ... rod/180979 Sp engineering who make the exhausts by hand and have a bigger range to choose from - http://www.spengineering.co.uk/product- ... haust.html
  7. Thanks for the advice folks, think I'm going to go with a scorpion as it's a good brand i am familiar with.
  8. Toying with the idea of getting an aftermarket exhaust for my gixxer, my question is are aftermarket exhausts on a bike louder or higher performance or is it simply a bit nicer looking
  9. I lean towards it being the old biddys fault, yes the rider should have seen her, but you can see in the video she is running all the way and doesn`t give a single look. Away in her own selfish wee world
  10. I use foxit pdf reader - http://www.foxitsoftware.com/Secure_PDF_Reader/ and Debenu pdf for more complex editing - http://www.debenu.com/products/desktop/ ... pdf-tools/
  11. Thanks Ian, Yes it was an m8 bolt got a pair of oxford ones for £15
  12. Anyone know what size bobbins my 2000 gsxr 600 fits, tried the manual and can not find it in there.
  13. Cheers, appreciate your time
  14. Do you remove the drain bolt or radiator cap first, youtube has some conflicting videos
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