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  1. No sympathy for the bloke who died but his reaction was a bit OTT
  2. i did buy the wrong things then...oh man i'm thick
  3. Hi all have a bought the wrong things as ive a feelingg i have
  4. I've seen one near me absolutely flying along it's more than an electric bike as I'm not sure he has pedals....no lights all in black and no helmet....the plod don't seem to care about these scooters on the road or pavement even though they aren't allowed
  5. Nice one what bike have you got ?not long after mine I crashed and broke my arm ! Have seen it as a learning experience though!
  6. so side panels if they come from ebay would i expect them to come with all the screws etc to fit it on..cheers
  7. Hi guys what are the parts I need to cover the side sections of the bike and what is the best place to get them from on a budget...cheers
  8. Thanks for the tip I'd never even heard of sharp rating so I checked my current one and it had a pitiful 2 stars ! So just bought a new one that has a 5 star rating for a reasonable £60 For my daily work commute which rarely sees me above 30mph
  9. The one I have from ghost bikes size M fits just perfectly and is nice and snug
  10. Hi everyone....is there any reason to buy a £400 helmet compared to a £30 helmet as apart from the weight both seem to have the required ec seal of approval safety wise?I recall on my CBT being told not to but recently I was told my helmet is shit
  11. Hi all took my bike for a second opinion and seems all is totally fine...I wasted over £200 but it's a lesson learnt....thanks for all your advice
  12. i got an email with a cheap offer for a winter check from my local yamaha dealer so i thought why not...been riding around just fine (except for my small crash!) anyway put it in and somewhat surpringly was told the knocking sound is either the cam chain tensioner or the engine is gonna seize up....was a surprise
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