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  1. Ive only just bought the bike ( November) and havn't done anything at all to it. Been out on it 3 or 4 times thats all so far. All i can go by is the overall condition ( AMAZING) and the service handbook ( 11 dealers stamps) I do intend to change the oil & filter asap, weather permitting but going by current climate that might take a while' the oil level looks ok, between the upper & lover marks but ive no idea what oil is in it. According to the service book its last service was in May this year. MANY thanks Ian
  2. Mileage is 11,500............ 2009 plate with 11 service stamps , clean as a whistle>
  3. anyone know why the gear changes on my suzuki SFV Galdius are so ''CLUNKY'' both up and down the box?? Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advise.
  4. Useful video, Thanks for that.Its appreciated
  5. Is there such a thing as a waterproof ''dirt'' cover for a rear mono shock? Something on the lines of a nylon tube possibly? I have a rear hugger fitted but the shock still gets covered in sh, shi, sh,,,,,, dirt. Its clean as a whistle and i'd like to keep it that way if possible. Secondly, how do you use a rear paddock stand single handed?. I cant seem to find a way to hold the bike upright off the side stand while i get the stand in position under the swing arm bobbins and lift the back end. Many thanks
  6. Can anyone recommend an insurance company for a suzuki SV650? Im thinking Best Service rarther than necessarily the cheapest? And while were on it, what about breakdown cover? Many thanks for any replies.
  7. Post by Gerontious » 10 Oct 2020 14:11 no. and probably just about adequate. if you're a masochist. So good to get a detailed, in depth, considered and totally unbiased reply. I really cant thank you enough..... lol BUT I do, sincerely, thank you all for your replies both long and short. Having read more and done further research I may have to put a Himalayan aside for now and have a rethink as I have just over 300 miles to go to get anywhere near to where I want to start off from and at 50 -60 mph thats a pretty long trip. Could do with something a bit quicker p
  8. Any one got a Himalayan? Questions...... are they any good?..... Would you buy another?...... What sort of speed can they maintain comfortably? What problems have any owners had?....... etc Thinking of one for a 3 month tour around Scotland and Some of the islands in the spring / early summer of 2021. Any useful thoughts much appreciated Many thanks. ( You..YES , you...sat at the back....stop sniggering )
  9. From what I can see the footrests etc seem to be positioned forward of whats usual. Id like to be able to bring them backwards a little if thats practical to do. On the other hand im probably mistaken as usual.
  10. Hi, I'm thinking of buying a virago to do some touring on but dont know which size to go for. I'd like to be able to ride up the motorways at 70 to 80 mph WITHOUT straining the engine etc. and be able to enjoy the interesting bits when the motorways ended. Is the 535 for example able to do this? Im assuming that the weight of the bike increases with the engine size of course I dont know much about Virago's except that I do like the style and the idea of riding a big ( ish ? ) V Twin and that there are a few different sized engines 535, 750, 1100 etc so Im asking anyone with more
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