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  1. That looks great! Really like that colour scheme on it too. I picked up my Trident 660 on Friday. Haven't been brave enough to go out on it too much though.
  2. I'm going to delay my bike until the end of the month I think. No point if I can't ride it anywhere!
  3. Yea I saw that when she posted it. Totally different part of Manchester, but I'd say it's the same type of rider. No bike was 2 up, so I'd find it hard to believe they would try and steal a motorbike/bike with 2 riders and 2 bikes.
  4. Hi all, So this weekend I was almost lynched on my road (push bike, sorry!) bike by 3 scrotes on dirt bikes. Now, I'm certainly not trying to tarnish the rep of genuine mx guys etc. It's a real problem here in Manchester, and across the UK. The 3 lads slowed right down beside me as I was blowing out my arse on the way home shouting at each other and pointing at me and my bike. I backed off and they then wheelied off as they do. About 5 minutes later they were part of a bigger group including the standard issue quad. I pulled off the road as they flew by. Now, they could have just b
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I've done some digging on the postcode side of things. Where I am is in the bottom half of the Manchester stats in terms of vehicle claims per 100k. Anyway, I'll find a way. Even without a garage, the bike will be hard to take. I'm not taking security lightly. On a brighter note, I'm going to have a look at my bike at the Dealership today.
  6. Just tried Adrian Flux. They use the same underwriters as Triumph Insurance and Bike Sure so the quote will be the same. Not going to let it get me down.
  7. @Keeper96No, not yet. Will give them a try today at some point. Not holding out much hope!
  8. Another company this morning that wont quote me. Based on living in Manchester and not garaged. Beginning to think I might just buy a heap of sh*t for a year and be done with it.
  9. I'm quoting for a new Triumph Trident. I have tried older bikes, say 2015-2018 MT07s/SV650s etc. All pretty much the same cost. Maybe £100-150 in it. This bike is my treat, something to enjoy on the weekends, so I want something nice. I'm 100% aware this comes with the added premium, just not quite as I high as I have found. I have budgeted £1000 for insurance, so I was already kinda prepared for it being pricey. I've been through it all before with cars. Loved a fast Ford back in the day and it was the same story. As the years rolled on my premiums were decent, and that was in Bel
  10. Well that's me finished up for the day trying to get insurance. Not many will even cover me due to being a new rider and my postcode. Lexham are the cheapest at £1100 with £2000 excess!! Next is Bike Sure at £1550 with £800 excess. It seems it doesn't make much difference on security, bike value (I tried with cheaper older bikes and was getting roughly the same), but just down to being a new rider and living in Manchester. Ah well, not much I can do if I want to own a bike. Apologies if I have derailed the thread a bit!
  11. Looking like I'll be paying the guts of £1500 for my first year. Been through all the compare sites, called a few companies too. Lexham come in at £1200, but reading reviews on them puts me off.
  12. Just spoke to Bike Sure. I thought I'd give the forum sponsors a try. I think I'll be moving onto the next one......
  13. Well, at this current rate, I might not even be getting the bike! Lexham and MCE are the only companies offering cover right now. There is no room really to build a shed or box. There is already a shed at the rear and the driveway is pretty small, only slightly longer than a car. The whole drive is enclosed, you can't see it. The whole rear of the house is surrounded by 7ft tall fencing, including gates.
  14. So, Bennetts wont cover me because I'm a new rider. That was it, not the bike, or the postcode. Simply because I'm a new rider with 0 NCD and holding my license less than a year.
  15. I put plenty of security in the quote details. Chain, anchor, disc lock, etc.
  16. So, I've just started the daunting task of getting quotes now. I got word yesterday that my bike has arrived at the dealer. I am hoping to take delivery in March. I quickly tried Go Compare and I only got 2 quotes from it. Both £1200+ with excess of £1000+. This is for the new Trident 660. I'm 38, just passed my test at the end of last year. I don't have a garage, but it's out of sight on a driveway. I'm guessing that and my post code in south Manchester is murdering it. I can live with £1000 for insurance, but the excess is wild! Might just give a few companies an actual ring instead of going
  17. It's crap, isn't it? Yes, cover goes without saying. Just need to find one that will be good all year round.
  18. I live in south Manchester. Scrotes everywhere. Just yesterday someone has their car broken into around the corner from us. I don't have a garage, but will be installing a ground anchor with Almax chain, alarmed disc locked, and beefed up locks on the gates.
  19. I've done that generally frowned upon move of buying a brand new bike for my first bike. And I don't care
  20. Mutations can go either way, but if a pathogen is more prevalent in the community it can become moreso. There are well over 12,000 'versions' of SARS-COV2. Cases at Christmas time were around 35-40k per day. Remember the time of incubation is 4-7 days. End of January will be peak deaths. Vaccine is NOT in place to reduce transmission. It is to reduce serious illness. It may show signs in people that have had the vaccine, but this will take some time to become clear. I think schools going back too soon will make this current lockdown almost useless. Ideally, schools would remain closed for the
  21. Personally, it doesn't ever end. The vaccine will have some effect, but coivd19 will be in our lives now, just like the flu, to be suppressed every year with a vaccine. What is means for economies, I don't really know. I'm more worried now than I was when it all started.
  22. Well that is the big question. I think we can get back to the pubs and things like that with the restrictions in place, but yea 2022 before we can maybe bin the masks for the most things.
  23. Well, I have a deposit down on the new Triumph Trident. So hopefully that still all goes ahead and I can just get out on it and enjoy it. Finally getting my motorbiking life underway. As for things in general, I think it will be the 2nd half of this year be things start getting back to what life used to be like.
  24. So, finally passed my MOD2 this morning! So pleased and relieved after the delays due to lockdown. Weather was pretty grim, quite cold and very damp. Did my test our of Darwen up near Blackburn and the test route was a nice mix of town riding and country roads. Was a great relief riding back to the riding school with no ear piece in. I can really recommend RJH in Manchester for training. Great staff, very helpful, and they made it fun and relaxing. Roll on spring time!!
  25. Congrats on the pass! I have my MOD2 next week. Looking forward to it, but just as nervous about it as my MOD1. My examiner for the MOD1 was nice enough. The riding school is well known there, so there was a little bit of banter. Can help you relax a bit.
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