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  1. That's an excellent write up. It makes me want to buy a Bandit so that I can mod it.
  2. The cafe is cheap with decent food, bit run down, but we've not been disappointed. It can get a bit hot and steamy in there with all the fires on, when its full.
  3. I booked an hour and a half lesson before my mod 1 to practice on the MT07 as it was very different to the 125cc innova that I was riding at the time. It was money well spent, I passed easily.
  4. Tractors. Over trousers don't last long is you hit a tractor
  5. Technical I did nothing to the bike. But I did move a shelf and wall mounted draws so that I don't have to remove the top box base plate every time I put it away. I might have too much in my garage.
  6. I don't care how deep the water is, I don't fancy a fall from the top
  7. That looks an interesting place to climb, where is it?
  8. Hi thanks for the welcome I climb sport everywhere and via ferrata in the Alps and Pyrenees. The Honda is to access climbs that are too difficult to get to in the camper, we're getting too old to walk in with all the gear and still climb.
  9. Hi I have only had my A licence for a year, I have two bikes, a Honda Innova 125i for the back of the camper and a Suzuki GS500 to justify getting my A licence.
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