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  1. Too wet, foggy and generally miserable to take the Himma out today ...... so i went cycling !!!
  2. Mines called Parker Hale ............
  3. I started spannering about 10 years of age, building go-carts ( Guiders ) and inventing the skateboard. First motorbike at 14. Fettled that and got it running with the help of a neighbour, Mr Dickson. Dad died when I was 5 so i did everything myself. Washing up bottle rockets, riding to school across the fields on half a Norton, model aircraft with their diesel 2 stroke engines .... And suddenly at 17 i'm in the RAF and at 18 i'm fettling Nimrods ... So .... the point of the diatribe .... I fix things myself. Such a joy ................
  4. Trooper74

    Welcome Emily

    Who's Emily .....?
  5. Trooper74


    Very successfully ... we where fighting them off with shitty sticks but now they are no more ... not proud of killing ,, but needed a rat poo free garden for my children ...
  6. I was away doing stuff in Norway. She who must be obeyed said she wanted the back garden paved in Indian sandstone. No more mowing, fine says I. She picks me up from the airport 2 weeks later " I've got a surprise for you " ... she says... I'm thinking lycra and lace, blindfold ..... No! the back garden has been paved in Indian sandstone ... Its not flat! IT RUNS OFF IN 2 DIFFERENT PLANES .... AAAGGGHHH "2 nice Irish men did it and they charged £50 per meter " I call our local paving company, he's a mate of mine ... He takes one look at and says .....
  7. Trooper74


    Drill 20mm hole in decking ... purchase a quantity of wheat or oats, farm supplies shop or horse supplies ... soak in neat anti freeze for 4 days ... with a funnel pour mixture under decking ... dogs will be fine .... no more rats ... or dead rats under the decking ... they will seek out water ... and die ...
  8. I'm doing diesel gen set installations .... those huge shipping container sized diesel generators that are hidden in trading estates, waste land and behind trees that roar into life every time the wind drops and the windmills stop generating power ... yes .. your green power ... This one is in Mansfield .... there's one down Carr Lane near MSI / Montracon Dynax ...
  9. Don't give up on it ... i did one of my flounce moments when it changed .... but it works well ... stick with it ..
  10. He's done BGT and Ru Pauls Drag Race .... makes good money from it ...... Manager with EON ... does building work, plumbing, and is a licensed tattooist, does a lot of ladies / hen nights as compare ... also has his own theatre company ..... annoying little git isn't he ....lol https://www.eyecandyuk.co.uk/titty-bon-bon/
  11. I regularly post on the following forums ... CycleChat, CTC, Royal Enfield Owners .... and this one ...This is the only one that makes me laugh out loud ,,, love it ...
  12. Its Boris ... every time i hear him on the TV i just want to punch him ... repeatedly .... face to face i wouldn't, that would be wrong .... but it still doesn't stop me wanting too ....
  13. LOL ... LOL ..LOL Any way up .... My son John, Biker, builder and drag act ... Man ... gay man .. In drag he gets round £600 for a 1 hour compare set ... Love him to bits ...
  14. It's a forum i regularly post on where a certain demographic make post after post totally devoid of humour and try to out do each other with their tales of ever increasing Covid trauma .... Now that i've actually written that .... No, James your not one of them ... sorry Chap ... apologies ...
  15. Are you sure you shouldn't be on the Cycle Chat Forum ?
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