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  1. I’d be very happy to be one of your test victims, i know the Peaks well and lots of the back lanes and by ways so i could probably give a balanced opinion of your routes ... based in Rotherham so drop me a pm if you fancy a meet up and ride ...
  2. Or even better .. give it to me and i’ll restore it ..... but you’ll never see it again ...
  3. Pigs favourite social media site ... InstaHam ....
  4. Did school run then took the Himma out for a run through the Peaks via Penistone ...... Thats pronounced Penn’ iss’ ton ... not Penis Town as i thought when we moved up here from Falmouth !!
  5. Get a Himalayan .... you know you want too ..
  6. I had a test ride on a BMW R nine T .. loved the engine hated the bike ....
  7. Trooper74

    MOD cuts

    The “ Petri Dish of Filth “ as hot tubs are known in our house.
  8. To be honest i never ride on the drops. I average around 5000 miles a year, mostly 30 - 40 mile rides, half a dozen-ish 200km timed events and we do either JOGLE or LEJOG each year in 2 separate 7 day periods... and i’m still overweight !! Next big ride is Hornsea to Sheffield on the 6-7th or 13-14th May ...weather dependant as its an overnight ride with a bivi. 103 miles.
  9. Been out for a ride on the bike this morning .... this one ... 22 miles around the Doncaster Plain ..... home for brekkie by 1000hrs ...
  10. I've made hundreds of journeys over the last 12 months that where essential only to my mental health .... And over the next week, as i’m on holiday ... I’ll make lots more ... Aahh, Mental Health ..Societies current “ get out of jail free card "
  11. Death to the Mask Muppets..........
  12. But i thought you and I identified as female every May the 1st ... But ... insulting to women everywhere ........ OR ... Lets have the Guys Ride Out .. 1st of June .... no Wimmin allowed ... I notice the Wimmin featured are all riding gay custom bikes ..... HA!
  13. Topped the oil up on the Himalayan ... a long run always depletes big singles oil ... 200ml got it back to the top indicator line .
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