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  1. Travis

    Welcome Travis

    Sorry everyone for not saying hi on here sooner been busy with work and trying to fix my bike hope you are all well.
  2. Travis


    No all the wires are protected and havent been moved
  3. Travis


    Got a new battery and it is fully charged, changed all the fuses in the fuse box and also bought a new display just incase it was my display but nothing has changed. Anyone know what else i could check ?
  4. Travis


    Everything electrical works apart from my dashboard it doesnt light up at all if nothing worked i would understand that the problem would probably be the battery but because everything else works and its just the dashboard that wouldnt turn in when the ignition is turned on i dont think it is the battery
  5. Travis


    Measured the voltage across the battery and with ignition off it read 12v with the ignition on it read 12v however when it cranked over it read just under 5v. any ideas?
  6. Travis


    Hi guys, i own a yamaha mt 125 14 plate and last week it died on me and couldnt understand why after getting the bike home and trying to find and fix the problem after constantly being on google trying to find if someone has had the same problem i still dont know what could be causing my problem. when i turn on the ignition my dashboard doesnt light up however all my fuses are fine and my indicators, flash and plate light all still work. I can even get the bike to start cranking over but it wont fully turn over so ive been unable to ride since the breakdown. does anyone have any ide
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