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  1. Didn’t know because I’ve never been outside of the country thanks for your input tho
  2. Because their new tires If you can read where it says at the top nee tires front and back listen idc about who could smoke what I’m trying to get rid of the motorcycle so unless your interested move on.
  3. And as I understand it you guys have trouble getting good bikes clean parts and all that and pay top notch so unless you wanna race I’ll take my mistakes and start using mph as apposed to km. Duces which means peace in English
  4. And no you sound like a complete dick I’m from the us not the uk what I ment to say is 0-100 in less than 8 seconds in mikes per hour I got my calculations incorrect because in the us we deal with mph not km I’d bet ten grand my bike would smoke anything you got considering it’s a 1200 vtwin which is 100ccs less than a hybussa not stretched now you knew when you posted your comment you were being a d*ck to start with and if you knew anything about motorcycle engines a 1200cc vtwin engine on a sport bike frame is no joke. Have a good one.
  5. Ok well what I ment to say was it will do 0-100 in under 8 seconds n mph not I’m sorry for know the difference
  6. 2006 buell firebolt. FOR SALE. I’m located in North Carolina USA. New clutch hub assembly, new stater, new tires and a loads more work done to it. Very fast 0-100km in 8 seconds. Make me an offer?
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