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  1. Ah I see, the reason I asked was because I was reading somewhere that a faulty valve on a linked or combined braking system can cause brake drag at low or high speed braking I cant remember which way round and that could cause overheating and possibly be spinning free as a bird once stationary on its centre stand. Just that it would be easy to see a sticking caliper piston or binding pads.
  2. As most folk say then most likely brake related, does the bike have combined braking or just straight forward calipers?
  3. If you have not used it since Christmas eve perhaps it could be moisture in the exhaust burning off, or something similar.
  4. paulc

    Just dreaming

    Yes I just searched the topic and have 40 threads to read, what a nob I am lol.
  5. paulc

    Just dreaming

    Ah okay cheers, I will change it swifto
  6. I am thinking of starting a go fund me page.. Why..
  7. This is a good place to ask for used parts, I once got a speed selector assy for my 20 odd year old Prazi mill here by posting an ad..its worth a go. https://www.homeworkshop.org.uk/
  8. There is a pretty good thread on the Erskine PCB and schematic here on the model engineer site also a link to a replacement unit but looks to be out of stock but may be worth giving them a bell. https://www.model-engineer.co.uk/forums/postings.asp?th=143293 exchange unit here https://www.bridgeportuk.com/erskine-control-unit-service-exchange-941-p.asp
  9. I will let you know once I fit the contraption I just keep kicking myself every time I forget to cancel the indicators and find myself smashing the cancel button from habit now like a nervous tick, I am even doing whilst sat watching telly or eating my tea now lol. seriously though I hope it helps and will report back once fitted and tested
  10. I know its an old thread but has anyone tried one of the adjustable buzzer warnings SEE here I bought one but have not fitted it yet but I am regularly forgetting to cancel the indicators on my 650 deauville and the indicator warning lights on the clocks are woefull to see, almost behind tinted glass and I also wear earplugs when riding so hoping that the buzzer will be loud enough to hear, I thought that for 14 sovs it would be worth a punt.
  11. It looks so much nicer without the 2 helmet top box, pearl grey for me please. Very nice if you live somewhere warm and sunny.
  12. You are probably right lol but I can live in hope
  13. I am slowly becoming obsessed with building a bmw k100 or k75 cafe racer, its just a matter of talking my missus into giving up the dining room or conservatory for 2021
  14. I was just joking , it was me and the missus (who incidentally had hold of the top box) and Ed our cockapoo, my daughter really was wetting herself laughing and didnt even come out of the house because it was cold..bloody kids eh, I wouldnt fancy lifting a pan up though but you are right about the centre stand thing, I am just getting the nick or technique of it and now find it harder to bump off the stand than get it onto it.
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