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  1. Good morning. Glorious sunshine here, I’ll be indoors putting down flooring. Something of a rest day after yesterday’s efforts building steps in the garden.
  2. Basic maintenance for POWDERS checks is so simple even I can do it. Servicing the bike yourself can save money, but I’ve always left the greasy stuff to a professional. In summary, being handy with a spanner isn’t vital, though cost effective.
  3. Learn self restraint. Bad / dangerous decisions are made when emotions are in charge.
  4. Damn. You got there before me.
  5. DIY tomorrow, out on the Bike on Sunday. Possibly.
  6. Good evening, and a fine sunset observed over The Galloway Mountains
  7. The lovely Kate at Hideout Leathers has mentioned this is a problem for many riders and that she has to modify the riding kit for riders most years.
  8. I prefer yours. That would look more appropriate on our patio than what we’ve bought. We’re going for a slightly industrial look with the things we’ve planted up (wheelbarrow, brazier, half a beer barrel) to go with the corrugated metal wall on the one side.
  9. I have, in the last 5 minutes, treated myself to a Chiminea ... I’m looking forward to beers on the patio late(r) into the evening.
  10. I have a project. Being a mechanical technofeckwit means I’ve made a working bike into lots of pieces, some of which are absent, and insufficient time and ability to do anything about it. Right now I’d happily pay someone to stand and guide me on what to do...
  11. I’m not doing the challenge but I thought I’d mention that I would have got one location ...
  12. I never had an issue with the gearbox. The FJR I had after was agricultural by comparison (the Beemer sits somewhere between the two). Being tall, with wide handlebars and wider mirrors, filtering could be a challenge as the mirrors were transit van mirror height... you become very conscious of that after you’ve clipped mirrors a couple of times.
  13. Will you be touring solo or two up? The 1050 SE came with panniers as standard (and cost £9,000 brand new in 2013...). We did three tours on ours, the the French alps, Northern Spain (Picos and Pyrenees) and Austria. It was first class, and it’s good lady’s favourite pillion position (though she has yet to spend any significant time on the Beemer) Only one significant issue being that, when carrying a pillion and luggage (including a top box) the CoG is high and rearward (see photo) so the front goes light very easily in the lower gears.
  14. There are probably training schools who can provide some sort of “return to riding” facility / tuition... Phone around your local dealers/instructors and see what’s available.
  15. I’m in the process of building an airing cupboard, as well as a shelving unit in the study, both will need bespoke doors (the hot water cylinder cupboard in the main bathroom had them, too). Since none of the walls or ceilings are straight or square I’m having to cut some very odd shapes to make the surrounds fit. I haven’t done much woodworking since school so this is a massive learning curve.
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