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  1. Hey thanks for this! some very helpful words... I am willing to take my time and develop my skills so I will be very patience. As to this R6 dream, it'll just have to be! also Panigale V4
  2. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts, in terms of parking Yes, I have a place, that was one of the biggest issues for me but I have found a safe and secure place. and at work I have a secure place to park also. so that's sorted. I know R6 seems a bit out of this world for a daily commute, but I guess my hunger will fade once I ride it for a while and most likely change into something that is far more comfortable. I will take notes from what you guys are saying, it's just you know, once you have your eyes set on something for a while, you don't want anything else. Most of the concerns
  3. @Fish I've already passed my theory test! just got CBT to do so I get more comfy and refresh my skills a bit then the real test!
  4. Thanks all for your replies, all the notes are duly taken, I have seen and listened to a lot of people discussing comfort and if its a good idea at all to get an r6 for the city. It's just, that has been my dream bike! I can finally get my hands on one soon. and see how it goes, I know it won't be as comfy as a car journey but I'm willing to sacrifice that for a little while. I'm mostly interested in costs, fuel, garage and such. any good garages you can recommend for London? Thanks everyone!
  5. Hello all! Thanks for having me! Can't wait to jump on my dream bike soon. I am just in the process of getting my full license, I'd like to ideally be on the bike by end of February! I think it'll be a good time to get me ready for some summer time riding. I'm excited, I just wanted to know a bit more about your daily experiences. something you can tell me that might have helped you when you were starting off, I'm mostly curious to the costs of having 600cc... daily use and petrol costs monthly, doesn't have to be exact numbers, some estimate would be nice. or how much was your
  6. Thinking of getting Yamaha R6 09 (lets call it age 30 crisis) But I've always wanted one, big fun of bikes since the young age. finally getting around to doing the full license & that's the bike I want, once things are done, including CBT. I'd like to commute to London, from south west into Shoreditch. Most likely daily, unless it's really raining like crazy and I don't feel like getting too wet, I don't mind the public transport every now and then. I know the roads pretty well, I've been driving for years and I'm very comfortable with traffic & I understand it's completel
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