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  1. lol ....... climbed over it to get to the back of the garage ........ and then back over it to get out. Really need to get rid of some crap so I can walk around the bike instead of over
  2. I think for me the scary part was going to be travelling solo ........ Probably cos I've never done it The first holiday after losing hubby I went with mum ........................... never again lol. I love her to bits but not 24/7 again lol
  3. I'm signed up to go on a tour with Magellan Tours in May, was supposed to be going to Spain on an 8 day last year but it was cancelled ......... decided to roll last year and this year into one and instead of 1 week go for 2 so am doing France, Corsica and Sardinia this year (one of the guys I met through here several years ago pointed me towards them). They seem expensive ...... all the tour companies do ............... but at the same time friendly. I've already met some people in organised rides during the year last year, . If I was sorting it myself I'd probably cut costs by choosing lowe
  4. fair enough ...... I don't like tents now so my tours on the bike or in the car will include hotels ..........
  5. possibly .......it's a word I've known and used mainly since I got married to a Donny lad lol. He allus called me nesh cos he'd wear his t shirt 365 days a year with the addition of a fleece when he went to work on nights or winter months .... to the pub would be shirt sleeves most of the year, gloves only ever came out for the bike or snowball fights where as I'd wear a t shirt and sweater (or 2)...... fleece, gloves, scarf and hat and complain that my finger ends or toes were going to fall off. Basically someone who feels or doesn't like the cold.
  6. thanks rennie ...... I missed the question :).
  7. why would Sue need to drive the camper??????? there are hotels you know if it's cos you don't like tents
  8. it did warm up a bit this afternoon ...... I'm a nesh though so like it at least 8 / 9 before the bike comes out ....... preferably double figures
  9. It is a beautiful day .... a little cold though
  10. nah ........ not for me..... and I like fairings lol
  11. If possible i'd sit on each of them ........ find out which is most comfy for me, (that's different for everyone) And if you make the wrong choice?????? you're only planning on owning it for around a year so can be chalked up to experience. Low mileage second hand is probably the better way to go in my opinion
  12. stedebs

    Welcome stedebs

    Sounds about right He loved the gpz and then the zzr and would let anyone sit on and get a feel. I initially rode an old zzr250 (1994) and then a suzzi gsf600x . We also went on several runs around derwent and matlock ...... and anywhere else that a run was organised. A couple of pudding runs, few trips to whitby, the mfn weekend where we hosted most folks in the camper for breakfast, evening chat thanks to the rain and came home with the left over cans that had been piled up on the table. ......... etc. I think the only reason he changed to a different bike was that he got wiped out an
  13. stedebs

    Welcome stedebs

    Not a harsh question at all, yes he did have a zzr 600........ that's what he would have riding when were on here, he had a couple in fact ........ one of them he swore was red but was actually the pink of First busses ........ then he changed to a VFR 800
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