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  1. I have work ....... just not that much and today was my day off lol
  2. Was anyone else here today????
  3. stedebs

    Sad news

    such sad news ....... look after yourself.
  4. I'm past tents lol .........
  5. do they still include tents???????
  6. oh and finished my front room on the same day ...... I deserve a medal...... well at least a large gin lol
  7. finally finished mums kitchen ....... well there's a spacer up one side and the kick boards to do but she hasn't bought those yet. Still I jokingly said "well that's your mothers day pressie sorted" and she agreed looks like i got out of going and buying her a plant to kill this year
  8. Is there someone else (An oldie) you can put on your insurance ...... not necessarily living at your house. Both my kids and their partners found that putting me on as a named driver lowered their insurance by £100, none live with me.
  9. Afternoon folks. How is everyone on this fine Friday?
  10. yeah ....... all the small stuff I have. I need a cover panel but thats 2400x620 mm ....... a tad big for the bike lol
  11. Hmmmmmm that i can carry on a motorbike ...... might not get away with that one lol
  12. morning peeps ........ nice and sunny ....... and i sooooooooooooo want to get the bike out for a nice couple of 100 mile round route
  13. trouble for me is someone else in the group would have to know what to do with them lol I can carry em ....... and I can take fairings off ect ........ but more than that I don't know what I'm looking at.
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