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  1. Apologies in advance (I've been at the 6.8% IPA), but what's the view on this? IS THERE ENOUGH JUICE? Chris Harris talks EVs with Graeme Cooper from the National Grid | Top Gear - YouTube
  2. Saw this also; very encouraging indeed! I'd buy an electric bike without hesitation if I could afford one (but this is also changing quickly). I like the look of Energica at the moment Electric Motorcycle Energica Ego. The first italian all electric motorcycle (energicamotor.com)
  3. ZX7R


    Further to what @Ian Frog and @Tiggie have said, try here: Yamaha YBR 125 Service Manual (Page 42 of 218) | ManualsLib
  4. Good news today folks: MAG confirms breakthrough meeting with Minister for Roads. (mag-uk.org)
  5. I only buy bikes that make me feel good. That can be the way it looks, sounds, rides... whatever. I'd happily buy a bike that depreciated badly, was uncomfortable etc. if being on it took me to that biking happy place.
  6. I like box-sets having fallen a little out of love with YouTube recently. I've been watching: Netflix Homeland (all seven series on Netflix) Sons of Anarchy (for the hundredth time) BBC Back to Life YouTube Shadetree Surgeon FlipNa The Missenden Flyer Delboy's Garage Allen Millyard But my find of the year (for me) on YT is Moto Geo which is Jamie Robinson (yes, ex GP rider and Performance Bikes columnist) and the outstanding Moto Stories with Unkie Phil - absolute gold!!
  7. @Bender that is a work of art - hats off to you chap.
  8. The one time I had a battered Mars bar I really liked it. Wouldn't be one I'd eat regularly, but I thought it was tasty. Agree with you on the standardisation of food. It's actually something I really kick against in life generally, much preferring individualism, although it's getting much harder. I do wonder where we'll end up and am glad I'll not be around to see it.
  9. Good to know - I'll be missing that, then! I assume I'm alright with mushy peas? Gravy I've always assumed has some sort of animal base.
  10. Our local chippy is great - good value, loads of choice (including scraps) and massive portions. But we are Northern I am one of those pesky vegetarian-vegans so I do ask about oils etc. @Tiggie what are the little bits in the curry sauce? Always steer clear unless I know for sure (or, in the past, I'd consumed the requisite quantity of ale). Some chippys say it's onion, others opine that it's bits of offal.... Do you know?
  11. You're right @dynax that there's tweaking to do and I guess a custom-built site will always deliver exactly what you need. Did you see Photography Website Templates | Wix.com You can play about with the templates there. Looking at your requirements (and having the benefit of seeing the additional features behind the sign in wall) I think you could do what you wanted pretty quickly.
  12. I have found Wix really easy to use. It's integrated, so you can buy domains, use pre-designed templates, edit them or build your own etc. It also offers eCommerce plugins, SEO and CRM tools. I've not really heard bad things about it, and it's done exactly what I needed / wanted.
  13. Looks like Sycamore Motorrad in P'boro are now selling them on eBay. Item 392953926770 £235.00 to you, sir.
  14. ZX7R

    Welcome keith1200rs

    Seconded! KR-1S... dream bike for me
  15. The in-built ramp definitely has its advantages!!
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