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  1. A33 south of Reading, I seem to recall. It was a long time ago.
  2. Neither was the one I chased once. Seemed about neck and neck.
  3. Surprisingly not. I did have to sometimes force myself to say "this is getting silly " and slow down. It would allegedly do an indicated 140mph, as did the Kawasaki 400cc 4 stroke that was around shortly after I got the KR1-S. It was dirt cheap to insure as it was only the cc that mattered back then.
  4. ... until it blows up. Riding it sometimes felt like the bike on the Tron movie.
  5. Unfortunately it went the way most of them did and shed a piston ring. They re-jetted it on the rebuild and it was never the same. Great fun while it lasted. 60bhp and weighed 125kg, I think. 11500rpm redline and a little over 30mpg.
  6. I guess that is from Barry Robson- my nearest dealer. I have to borrow the bikes for most of the day- a ride on my own, then pick up the wife for her approval, then ride the bike back (followed by a ride home from York). I would say the 1250 is a little smoother but not a lot. Love the torque.
  7. A few if my bikes over the years. My girlfriend rode on the back of my Puch moped. Now she is my wife and still rides pillion.
  8. Got the R1200R LC and have ordered R1250RT with the intention of doing longer journeys.
  9. Been watching the forum for a while so finally joined. I live on the coast on the edge of the North York Moors so most of my riding is around the moors or up and down the coast. Bike currently in the process of being changed but is a BMW boxer.
  10. Steph Jeavons - Home by Seven
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