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  1. DeeDee

    Welcome DeeDee

    Hi Bender I'm currently on a Ducati Monster but in the process of getting a great deal on a KTM Super Duke (2020).
  2. DeeDee

    Welcome DeeDee

    Thanks guys!
  3. Hi, Im new here and am looking for advice from the get go. My partner did the CBT January 2020 and went straight out and bought a 125 to get the necessary experience. They now feel competent enough to do the full test and with Covid19 every instructor is not operational and state, that if & when they are permitted to start training again, they have a book full of people meaning an 6-8 month waiting list. My motorcycle/car driving license expired in Dec 2020 and I have been told that it is still valid for another 11 months due to Covid. Therefore, with M
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