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  1. JI999

    Newbie bike advice

    Thanks Dave. You may have swayed to Suzuki now as after doing some browsing they seem quite a bit cheaper than the Yamaha and Honda but still with strong reviews. This will probably be a better option for ny first bike I think , although the Yamaha still makes me wonder about saving a bit more haha
  2. JI999

    Newbie bike advice

    They do look good! I havent really looked at these as they "top recommendations" online were mainly the other 3... Do you have any further detail you could provide about it? Nice looking bike in all fairness.
  3. JI999

    Newbie bike advice

    I'm still undecided on weather to go brand new or used, I'm leaning heavily towards a low mileage used to be honest
  4. JI999

    Newbie bike advice

    This is true! I think from an aesthetics point of view I'd be happy with any of them to be fair. Not having the chance try one and not having the most knowledge on them I thought I'd seek advice from experience riders.
  5. JI999

    Newbie bike advice

    Thanks Onesea, I was tempted to go new new but have been talked in to going second hand first. There's a lot going with very little mileage and relatively new so hopefully wouldn't lose too much! Mainly gonna be used for a commuting so there's a few routes.
  6. JI999

    Newbie bike advice

    Thanks peatear, I think the Honda definitely look the bigger out of the 3. It's going to be kept in a gated back garden with access only via a lane, was planning chaining it to the wall, wheel lock, alarming it and motion lights installed.
  7. JI999

    Newbie bike advice

    Thanks Manxie, much appreciated
  8. Hello all, I'm looking to get my CBT completed ASAP which isn't great at the moment as already had 2 cancelled due to covid! I'm looking for some recommendations on 125cc bikes. I had read a lot of comments about people saying "just do your full license" but being a novice I want to build some confidence on a 125cc for around 6 months to a year prior to doing my full license. The bikes I have been looking at are: KTM Duke 125 Yamaha MT125 Honda CB125R I have had many different opinions from friends who ride with the one I've
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