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  1. So I've managed to book in my theory and hazard perception test for next month. I've done practice ones on apps but considering I've never rode a motorbike before, I want to ensure I do it right. Plenty of reading and testing myself. Anyone have some advice on the best apps or books to purchase in preparation? Cheers
  2. You mentioned minor marks but is it worth considering a category N write off?
  3. Ideally, those are the makes I have been looking at. I was going to maybe speak to the CBT instructor but don't know if its worth getting something now to get use to and familiarise myself with before I get on the road with it
  4. Thanks again everyone for all the advice.
  5. Brilliant. Thanks for all the advice everyone
  6. No, pretty much a loner. Don't have any biker friends. Not knowing much about the biker market though, I wouldn't really know what is reasonable miles and what isn't. Also, when looking at bikes, is there anything else I need to consider? E.g. mechanically, history, paperwork etc?
  7. As a complete newbie, with no experience, licence, gear or a bike I have little to no grasp on the key things to look out for when I eventually buy a bike. Other than my preferences for the bike e.g. look, cost, resale value (as I will most likely get a 125 1st and get use to riding then sell on) etc, I have no idea on what to look out for. Whether I buy from an online auction, private or trader, what should be the important things I need to know to ensure I get a fairly decent bike. Thanks in advance
  8. Thank you, because I have about 100 already
  9. Yeah, we're all in the same position. It'll happen, eventually!
  10. Yh, I've been driving since I was 17 and I cycle to work daily. Would like to think I have some experience with that but it might be different on a motorbike
  11. 33. So a bit of a late start. Yh I've looked into it all and have considered if I should go for a DAS of if I should get use to something smaller for experience.
  12. Unfortunately, nothing at the moment. I am a complete newbie with it all. Have nothing yet - bike, gear, licence or experience. Waiting for lockdown and Covid to sod off so I can get started
  13. Thanks everyone
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