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  1. ant

    MT-125CC 2020

    yep bought a 2020 model not too long agao....just had 1st service and am loving it...headlights are cool
  2. thoughts on the new mt-125cc ?
  3. haha thank you for your time spent on this mere mortal...HAIL HUSOI
  4. so until i have a card in it wont record ??...i understand a card is where it saved but its not recording without a card...so i presume when card in it will record and save on card
  5. hi all...Ok am really thick with techo stuff..ive bought a prism tube camera...ive marred it up with the sena fone app...when i switch camera on its a decent pic and quiet happy but it isnt recording ??...i takes a 64 micro s.d card and ive ordered one but not got it yet...is this the reason why its not recording because it needs a s.d.card in and formating ??...cheers for any help....p.s. am thick lol
  6. am abit worried about ghosts customer service reviews on youtube....might av a look at tom tom
  7. yeah if i go for the gopro will have to put on helmet me thinks....am in no rush so will research a few more...thanks anyway
  8. yeah i was looking at gopro but didnt like the shape of it stuck on my helmet....thought maybe gopro to handlebars...anyway will sort sumthing soon
  9. Thanks 4 that...When you firmware is it something they sorted at there end or did you have to download from a phone app or sumthing ??
  10. hi can anyone help..looking for a good camera for just recording journeys of about a hour in case a car pulls out and causes crash...was thinking of the drift ghost xl but for every good review i read a bad review...any help ??
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