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  1. Cheers, I thought as much. I'm gonna go with Tru Tension and give the Chain Monkey a go while I'm at it.
  2. On this topic, does anyone know if there is a big difference between Muc Off and Tru Tension chain cleaning products? I'm guessing either will do the trick but thought I'd ask anyhow, just in case.
  3. I've been using both on short journeys, and whilst doing deliveries. In my tests I was using the grips, until my camera gave up on me I haven't tested them for a long period of time (ie. on a tour), but I think I have a decent feel for both. I considered long term lifespan, and replacement costs etc. in the experiment.
  4. 2 days ago I ran an 'experiment' to determine which is best, and judged both on 7 factors - heating speed, versatility, compatibility, convenience, lifespan, price, and coverage. I concluded that heated gloves were better, but it was a narrow victory.
  5. Based on personal preference, I think the Spada Air F2 is a very cool looking bomber jacket. More importantly, it comes with 4 pieces of hard armour, and a pocket in the back where you can insert your own back protector. Comes in black or olive green, around £120.
  6. Ok thanks for the advice guys, will get those links sorted. I appreciate you taking the time to check it out.
  7. Hello everyone, My name is Brandon, and I became a motorcyclist in 2019. Since buying my first bike, a Honda NC700X, I've watched countless reviews on motorcycling products and new motorcycles. It's become a bit of an obsession, and I delve further into the world on two wheels each day. The pandemic jolted my career in the casino industry, so I started a website that is focussed on honest, hands-on, motorcycle product reviews - https://rideruk.com/ I also write blogs, and create YouTube videos, all for the benefit of other riders. Feel free to check them
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