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  1. Idk, probably I was worrying about it too much. Sorry about all the fuss I've made here. However, washing is not the only thing I'm worrying about. For example, I'm not sure where I'm gonna keep it. But even if I create a thread "Where to keep a motorcycle?" what's then? You wouldn't be able to advice me much as it strongly depends on my living area. Of course, I could keep it on the street but that's not safe. There are no garages for rent around my home. There is some self storage but it's also far away.
  2. Sorry, for repeating myself. I'm new and don't know how everything works here. And also I couldn't find how I to delete those double posts.
  3. Idk how check what council garages are nearby. When I try, I just get an apply form for garage. However in this form they ask to choose an area where I'd like that garage to be. And none of their suggested areas are alright for me. I also was checking all the rest garages for rent and couldn't find anything near my home.
  4. Well, that's also an option. I have never washed motorcycle/car on the street so absolutely have no idea what would be neighbors' and other people's reaction. Maybe they wouldn't mind. It's possible that I'm worrying too much.
  5. Alright, that looks like a better idea. Thank you.
  6. I think I've found an answer. There are some lawns near my home. So I'll wash it on the lawn where all runoff will be absorbed by soil and that's how I'll leave no mess. Also I'm gonna use biodegradable soap for being in peace with my conscience and making no harm to nature. And like manxie49 said, I'll put a carton under rear wheel when oiling the chain. Thank you all for your answers. I'm very happy that I found this forum. All of you are very friendly and it's nice atmosphere here.
  7. Yes, I know that some are people are doing that. But I think I'd like to clean it just by hands.
  8. Well, I am UK based. Wolverhampton, West Midlands. That's why I'm posting my question in this forum. Sorry, if I've chosen wrong words though...
  9. Hello, I'm new to motorcycles. I still don't have one but decided to buy it in nearly future. For now just saving money, buying gear little by little and collecting as much information as I can. So as I already learned cleaning motorcycle is really important. I've found in Google lots of advices how to do it and I think I'll be alright with cleaning it myself. The only question is where to clean it? I live in an apartment building and I don't have my own yard. I'm not sure if it's legal to clean it just on a parking lot. I know that cleaning cars like that is definitely not legal.
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