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  1. Maybe no points but you have been disquol so it's really going to sting your next insurance quote. Youch!
  2. We have love film and love film instant and its brilliant! It's our little treat, lots of great films on tap!
  3. Hmmm, firstly I'll give you a bollocking, my mate was killed on his bike by a drunk driver, however you were a morning catch so didnt probably realise you were over... enough said! Now i'm assuming that as you were under 50 you were offered blood test... which you should have taken. Now assuming you were not drinking in the morning you were on the way down so there is a possibility you will come in under... a slim possibility but a chance so dont loose hope. Word of warning for you all, most of the drink drivers we get are in the morning the day after the night before!!!
  4. Ha ha Brilliant.... And thats just nasty!
  5. I've still got the bin, sits on the bathroom by the bog! It's lasted well 13 years! I may post a photo if anyone is interested.
  6. Genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you react?? "Wtf?!" or 'oh....thanks....what I always, er....wanted!" It's been a standing joke in our family! I did laugh.
  7. For my 30th birthday my mum gave me a small bin! WTF?
  8. Nice! I really like the idea of a Wrap, my mate has had his Range Rover done and it looks great.
  9. Nothing I would wait till 22nd December and spend it all on the best Christmas ever!
  10. Joeman, I suspect he's a troll and won't be back!
  11. Well bearing in mind you only have 5 posts I would suggest you are no expert on TMBF. Its called freedom of speach and freedom of beliefs!
  12. Yeah, I'm sure it does not exist Like the Groom Lake facility is just for testing new aero planes!
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