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  1. Hi all, I'm about to tour Europe and want some new gear (jacket and trousers) to wear, preferable summer wear, and not too expensive. One problem is that i'm a pie eater, more pies the better in fact! So I think most leathers look bad on fatties like me. Any suggestions?
  2. Well I think that's funny, even if others dare not respond to it
  3. katchin

    Car Tax

    thanks all, will do that!
  4. katchin

    Car Tax

    Hi, I'm buying a new used car for myself tomorrow, and it has no tax on it. I had to buy 6 months tax on mine just to legally get it to the dealer yesterday, for the part-ex valuation. Would it be bad form for me to keep the tax disk I just bought and get a refund on it?
  5. Hi, I just bought my son a second hand Suzuki EN-2A 125. It has just had an mot today, and a service, but driving it home this evening we found the throttle was sticking in lower gears and neutral, any easy fix for this?
  6. Hi, my son and I want to be able to talk whilst we both ride, any reasonably priced reliable kit that anyone can recommend?
  7. Thanks. Okay I got the insert, what I do not have is the screw / bolt thing to fasten it in with. The shop said they do not sell them separately, and that they usually come with the helmet. My helmet did not have any though, anyone got any idea where I can buy some? I did look on ebay and google, but I do not really know what they ar called.
  8. and which one do I need? (Top box rack). Is it the universal rack or the extended arm bracket?
  9. Hi, I'm thinking of shooting off to Scotland next week, and need luggage. Which mounting do I need for a 2012 FZ 8 Fazer for a top box? and more importantly, are they easy for a novice tool user to fit? Also is it an easy thing to fit some sort of power input, like a cigarette lighter? I would like to use a charger for my sat nav.
  10. katchin


    ah good stuff, ta.
  11. katchin


    Well i got the tri-oval exhaust, love it. However, its popping like crazy when I take the revs off, I expected a certain noise, but this doesn't sound quite right to me. Did I miss something, or should I ignore it?
  12. katchin


    Hi, i'm thinking of putting an aftermarket exhaust on my fz 8, I was thinking about the MTC range, I assume they are a simple thing to fit? Also, if I were to be over the noise limit (if stopped) what is the penalty? just a fine?
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