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  1. First registered in 2002 Mate
  2. Had to take my daughter in for an operation the other day. Hospital is not the place you want to visit at the moment believe you me!
  3. Well nothing much else to do so I've pulled the cover off the Bimota and set about binging out of it's deep sleep. It been best part pf 10 yrs since l rode it out on the roads, just before l went in for Cancer treatment. Having read on different forums the nightmares that can greet you whist doing this l was dreading to see what l might find. First job was to clean out the carbs luckily l put it to bed with 4 start fuel, the bowls were found to be as clean and the jets clean and free a major result. Obviously now in need of a new battery, a complete fluid transfusion, air filter and engine t
  4. They will just leave the wheel behind.
  5. Not looking good Stu, my plans are well and truly scuppered for this year already The Manx GP is hanging on by a thread,I'm not holding out much hope for that either
  6. Hi, the route from Amsterdam to Le Mans is not very interesting or scenic, it's motorway, very flat, busy and commercial. I see that your from the North East. Personally l would be inclined to take a run down the UK to the south coast and get a ferry across the channel to Caen or Le Havre it's then a nice easy ride to Le Mans.
  7. Surprised you managed to get that far! A lot of folks have not been so lucky, if the chain had snapped or jumped off what's remaining of the sprockets you could of smashed the engine casing or worst still the chain wrapped itself around the rear wheel and thrown you down the road. Get if fixed properly, these bikes are not toys, they will hurt you if not looked after.
  8. That kid will grow up to think that's the norm, what was needed was a proper clip around the ear, if that bike had rolled off its stand things could of got real nasty.
  9. Chrissb6

    Route 66

    Until this virus thing erupted we were deep into organizing a bike tour from Denver. We made contact through these people here. They plan everything for you. https://www.eaglerider.com/united-states?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=brand=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.eaglerider.com%2Funited-states%3Futm_source%3Dbing%26utm_medium%3Dcpc%26utm_campaign%3Dbrand%26utm_source=bing&utm_campaign=International%20-%20EagleRider%20(Brand)&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=%2Beaglerider%20%2Busa&utm_content=EagleRider%20Rental%20%26%20Tour
  10. Hope things get back to normal for the Manx. The wheels have well and truly come off my plans for this year already.
  11. I tried some vireo focal contact lenses, initially l thought great until l had one move on me whilst batting up the motorway resulting blurred vision and a panic stop not recommended.
  12. If it's not excessive voltage or a loose connection causing a voltage spike, just be sure that the rubber mounts are not to tight on the head light unit, if there over tightened there's the possibility of vibration from the engine be transmitted through to the lamp.
  13. A good read here might find your problem https://www.knowyourparts.com/technical-resources/starting-and-charging/starter-will-not-crank-when-hot-heat-soak/ Heat soak is a common problem with a lot of motors, old corroded cables, weak starter solenoids, battery connection and finally the starter motor need to checked for conductance and resistivity.
  14. In one Mate A 3 man stand up tent, airbed, 3 season sleeping bags and all the luxuries and no problems filtering through traffic normally were the lead bike on a loaded tour. I've covered 540miles covered in a day. Mugello Italy will be a 2000 mile round trip.
  15. Not many can mate to be honest, but it all makes sense really. 2 up camping I wouldn't do it any other way now
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