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  1. How you getting on with the bike? I really do love the look of the new Street Triple R and would of bought one. But the bike aint practical for me as i would need to get a top box for it, and that would look horrible on the bike. So i bought a Tiger 800XC instead, as you can see in my review. How many miles do you get on a full tank?
  2. Purchased: November 2012 Mileage (current): 600 Accesseries: Arrow Head Exhausts, Top Box Price: £9569 Well i did what i said i would in my Hornet review in 2010 and trade up in a couple years Due to poo weather and being busy ive only done 600 odd miles on it, but hopefully that'll change soon. I really am enjoying the bike its alot of fun. Kinda funny i went down to the dealers to buy the road version, we started talking numbers and out of the corner of my eye i saw it, in its green glory. It was quite high up for me (im 6ft) so had the seat lowered now its perfect. The seating and
  3. late June/ july would be good
  4. So whats happening with this, is there a date yet and whens the cut off point to let you know we wanna do it?
  5. http://www.blazingtrailstours.com/ Im currently saving up for their trip in Nepal in november and i was wondering has anyone used them before? I first saw them in an add in Bike Magazine so i checked their website and they seem pretty good.
  6. Brilliant review, i know very little about ducati bikes but apart from the myth that their expensive to service and get parts. But ive got about 2 years before i change my Hornet for a newer bike, and im really thinking a ducati could be on the table.
  7. That looks well fun, i would love to do something like that. Is this for long term members or do you guys know each other.
  8. Just a bike and i hope thats all ill ever need.
  9. So was it your kill switch? Sounds like a bit of an adventure... glad you're still smiling about it It wasn't that is a bit more dumb than that I always told myself that i would be gutted and heart broken if i damaged my bike. But i was not too bothered i just thought it can be fixed as if it never happened. The damage: Clutch control has been moved slightly downwards, it aint bent or anything its just moved. A small dent on the tank, luckily its right on the word honda so you cant see it so much. Very minor scratches on the engine.
  10. well im back after only staying 1 night instead of staying till friday Basically sunday i got there, was a really good journey all 360 miles of it. I got at the B&B to find my phone broke. So my mum and grandparents were worried about me as they havent heard from me since i left. The B&B was really nice and when it came into view the sun was out in full beam, making the chapel/B&B glow Anyway i decided to go out shortly after to find something for diner, leaving my phone there to dry off. Then it happened i came off the bike at a juction. I toppled to the floor with bike jus
  11. Going to Brampton up in Northumberland for 5 days. Really looking forward to it, as its 362 miles away. I have never done that distance before, the furthest ive been is about 200 miles. Ill be leaving sunday about 6:00am and its gonna take roughly 7 hours with the fuel stops and rests inbetween. Ill be staying in a nice B&B which used to be a chapel (still got its stain glassed windows) it was on a tv program back in 2007 about being renovated into a B&B and has won a few awards. So basically its nice, ill be using it as a base point for all my rideouts around that area. I should ima
  12. What model was it? Honda Hornet CB600F ABS 2010 When did you buy it and how much did it cost? Febuary 2010 (had to wait nearly 3 weeks till march 1st to have it with the 10' plates) £5500 (£1000 discount, sold 125cc bike) Good points? Excellent starter bike for me, a very gentle learning bike. But when your ready its got enough power to stand side by side with the rest of the 600cc bikes. The handling is very responsive and the ABS is very good. Bad points? Didnt come with a rear hugger so i had to buy that myself. Also didnt come with a cover on the part of the tank where my jacket
  13. Anyone notice what i forgot to buy......chain lube
  14. Im going up with a mate and his wife.
  15. Well i've been a bit mean to my bike by not looking after it. All i do is clean it with the hose and rub it down after some Mr sheen cleaner. Anyway i want to start looking after my chain and break disc. So i bought the following: Muc-Off Biodegradable De-Greaser Muc-Off Quick Drying Chain Cleaner Muc-Off Disc Brake Cleaner I heard Muc-Off products are pretty good and alot of you on here use it. Anyway after reading the helpful sticky on the chain, i couldnt find much info on cleaning the break disc. Im sure its simple to do just spray it and rub it with a cloth. But how often do yo
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