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  1. Heavy late snow delayed the opening of The Grossglockner from the scheduled 29.04.2017 but today it opens - unfortunately only for 4 wheels and a requirement to have snow chains. Hopefully the next few mild days will open it up fully. https://edelweissspitze.panomax.com?t=2017-05-03+07-00-00&r=209&z=144 Nockalmstrasse is fully open from today though
  2. Had the 20S since it came out, in fact before it went on general release, and ride in some monumental storms when I get caught out in the mountains. Never had a problem with water ingress. I do use silicon oil around the rubber bung just as I use it on GoPro door seals and buttons. Maybe that is why.
  3. Sena's Universal Connection allows you to connect to non Sena Headsets regardless. Range is more limited with that connection but connect a group of Sena and non Sena the right way and you can expand the number of connections. Sena of course allows multiple Intercom connections between other Sena headsets, the number depends on the model. Certainly the 20S has a group function which is easy to set up on the App. I can set up a Group connection and include the Audio Pack for GoPro in that Group. I can also listen to my music with any connection combination. Sena have music sharing but as the
  4. Used Sena for a few years now, both the SMH10 (wife Lid) and the 20S (mine). No issues with water ingress and we have some monumental storms here which occasionally catch me out. Did a lot of research with Bikers passing through our place and at the time Sena seemed the most reliable. Their Universal Connection gives you the opportunity to connect with other makes. Can't fault the operation or quality. I love music while I am riding and the 20S gives really good audio.
  5. Horses for courses. My Bike is hibernating out here from November to April so a Quad gives me a winter fix. On snow covered roads they are great entertainment. Plus I could't fit a snow plow to my bike
  6. As long as you got Puntigamer Been out and about Saturday/Sunday. Weather is slowly getting there though still funny seeing people doing cross country skiing right next to the road Schladminger is our local brewery Another 4 weeks at least before I will wake mine up. More snow forecast next week
  7. but do you have Bars and eateries with in walkin distance ? We have a small bar. Nearest restaurant is 200m away. Plenty of others around here. We do a free shuttle to various restaurants for Bikers.
  8. Welcome. A bit more information as to where, when and for how long would help.
  9. Kettle is normally on. Something stronger in the Bar We are only small ( 5 x Double Rooms) but just in case you hit a problem in our area we have a Bike Garage and tools. My mini bus can recover a rolling bike and I have a tame mechanic nearby
  10. Some people don't have the confidence to Tour abroad for the first time. Others like someone to do all the leg work for them, others are just seeking company. IMHE most of the people that make up those groups aren't looking for a camping or budget experience but I am sure you have done your homework and found there is a market. I run a small Biker Friendly Alpine B&B and often sort out the whole trip for those travelling on a budget. Some say I am a fool but I don't charge for the service. Often we are a couple of nights stopover for those who have planned a Camping Tour. I tend to fin
  11. In some quarters all Muslims are tarred with the same brush, that is all.
  12. Had them during my time in. Usually they got their just deserts but a few seemed to lead a charmed life. Nice to see they are routing them out still.
  13. I'm a Rukka fan but managed to shred my decent suit in a low speed off. My Old "Rukka Steel " suit is still going strong 10 years down the line and still fits, just about. I now use a Dainese Teren for day to day use. Shower proof outer, zip in and out Thermal and waterproof layers. Changing or even carrying layers is a faff but I find the outer is genuinely shower proof and puts up with sustained exposure to all but the heaviest rain. In that event I pop a 2 piece oversuit on which I used to use over my Rukka in bad weather anyway to keep it clean. The Teren has good ventilation that c
  14. A post today on another Forum: "Long term lurker here, signed up as ive spent the last few days stranded in this f**king country All petrol stations in the north and west are either on the bones of their arse or completely dry of all fuel. The ones that are open are rationing it and have 1hr + queues. I've been stuck in the loire valley since Saturday morning when my reserve got low and every petrol station i passed was shut. Spent a few days in a hotel there before realising no unleaded was turning up in the foreseeable so have stashed bike with hotel owners, bussed it to nearest
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