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  1. and before anyone asks, i clicked on this thread by mistake yeah yeah we believe you!
  2. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6lsflsRt41qlaqs6o1_500.jpg not my cup of tea!
  3. I wouldent travel that far up, has to be central i think
  4. Im not a friend, so cant see them
  5. Wheres spankys photos?
  6. Am happy with the location quite central for all of us, square and compass only has 5 rooms though! few more would be nice, wouldent have to pack so much then and be able to come on the bike next time, Matlock location was lovely,
  7. We are back also, thanks for a lovely weekend everyone, Cant wait to see the pictures Bike trailer next year need to get on them rideouts,
  8. I have a 2 person tent i dont need, used it last year and as its only a single skin one got a little damp,
  9. yes please get that, you tried to get in my tent last year!
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