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  1. I bought a Yamaha YBR125, becoming the fourth owner with it on 4000 miles. I traded it in after 10 months, having doubled the mileage to 8000, and got only £100 less than I bought it for. I spent a lot of time keeping it in good condition, especially rust, as most of my ownership was during the winter months and I was using it most days.
  2. I freewheel down a path and start the bike when I get to the roadway, then it is down hill for the first part, so I don't bother warming the engine first as it has an easy start to any journey.
  3. I like the way you loop the chain round the seat and wheel.
  4. As a retired cop, I am unaware of any such law and in all my years in the job was never called to a complaint about someone washing a car or bike in a public place. I presently live where none of the houses have a drive and there is a communal car park and lots of car washing and repair work goes on without any issues.
  5. Nob of the day is the driver of an old silver Rover 75 estate, who saw me and still pulled out in front of me.
  6. The last time I saw her on TV, she did look an odd colour. I believe it was a weird and very rare cancer. So sad and apparently there will be a tribute in Top Gear this Sunday.
  7. Took the thermal lining out of my jacket and trousers, cleaned the chain and rode to Halfords.
  8. What I get from the video is that all of the engines will work for years, with the exception of the Chinese brand Yin Xiang and that Royal Enfield has seriously upped their game.
  9. A test, by youtuber Fortnine, whereby first change oil from brand new bikes were sent for analysis to find out which bike is built to the best tolerances and in the cleanest conditions. The flaw in the test is that the sample size was tiny. One maker produced results so bad, it broke the machine used to analyse the oil. The winner was....unexpected.
  10. £56,800. Maybe time to start doing the lottery again.
  11. Sorted out a better tool kit, ordered a Dynaplug puncture kit and rode it.
  12. Second jab booked. It will be 8 weeks and 1 day between jabs.
  13. My cousin was given a lift by another god of Prog Rock, Greg Lake in his Jensen Interceptor. What was Rick Wakeman driving?
  14. Rick Wakefield? The bearded bloke who was in that band "No"?
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