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  1. Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden. A longer version of the Henry Cole Scandinavian World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides, so add in Stockholm and loop back to Denmark.
  2. A relative who was high up in a council social work department, was on the committee for emergency planning and I remember him talking about pandemics. When this started I thought, fine, the council will put their emergency pandemic plan into action. But no. Instead, it was chaos and they were making it up as they went along. I now doubt that the manager who told me that we were still expected to come into work even if someone in the family was positive, was correct. Things are much better now. We even have extra vehicles so if two drivers have to go out on the same route, we do no
  3. OK, I checked and the policy has changed, so it is "If a member of your household or a close contact develops symptoms of COVID-19. Do not come to work. You should all stay at home and self-isolate for 10 days from the day the symptoms first appeared. Anyone with symptoms should book a test or if they have been asked to do so by a public health worker." Back during the summer, absentees got so bad that school janitors and building services workers were doing our meals service with no training.
  4. The council apparently took that decision because otherwise, they would be hardly left with any staff.
  5. I think part of the problem was that the last truly global pandemic was the Spanish flu in 1918-19 and that is too far back for people to truly remember. I think/hope that if another high risk virus starts, that country will first be cut off by the rest of the world and anyone arriving will be put into quarantine.
  6. Work policy where I am is that we go to work even if a family member is positive as they should be isolating and posing no risk to other family. A few at work have had that happen and managed not to catch the virus from other family members by being very careful. My wife was given her first dose a few weeks ago. Our son is predicted to get his till September. We have to continue living as if we can spread the virus, even after being vaccinated. Being vaccinated does not mean you cannot spread the virus.
  7. Work phoned. The first of the staff are being vaccinated this afternoon and my appointment is Sunday afternoon. That now means everyone I know who works in care has been vaccinated (as in the first dose), with me being the last one done.
  8. Got a new chain for when I am out and about to replace one where the plastic casing cracked apart and it would be easy to get snips into the cables inside. Went for the Bennets recommended Milenco Coleraine 12mm chain and it is HUGE! For portable it would have better going for the 9mm. I was tempted by the larger chain for the price of the smaller because the packaging and chain sleeve was marked. Oh, well. It fits in the top box and it will mean I have the biggest f**k off chain at the motorcycle parking bays.
  9. That was just next to our hotel. You can see in through the window and there are some cabinets with long objects that do not look like penises!
  10. We did not do any hot springs as we arrived in what for Iceland was a heatwave and we wanted the full effect of bathing surrounded by snow. Here is the Punk Museum, loctaed in an old toilet.
  11. We all went to Iceland in 2019 during the longest day and it was amazing experiencing daylight at 0200. We decided to go back one day over the shortest day and if we all get vaccined by September, as the government suggests, it is back to Iceland at the end of the year. They have consistently had air corridors and a low infection rate and visa free visits with not being a full EU member, I suspect Iceland will be straightforward to book compared to many other places.
  12. Rode it to the bank, managing to dodge the rain. Banks are one of the few places till open here! Gave it a very good hose down and Muc Off, as there is still signs of grit on the roads, even after 2 days rain.
  13. I did the NC500 before it was called that, and it was busy in Durness and Ullapool in August anyway. I would as far in advance as where you would like to stay will let you.
  14. My wife had the Pfizer vaccine and reported fine after. My name was taken at work yesterday for the council list of key workers, so hopefully get mine soon. Our 19 year old is likely to be months away. Still, we can go on holiday without him.
  15. That is an old post! I remember that debate. I stand by what I said. If "filtering" past a line of cars into the face of oncoming traffic, that should be treated more like overtaking. Filtering is between vehicles all going in the same direction. Each poses different hazards.
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