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  1. Hope all goes as well as can be expected. Thoughts are with you all, family and friends.
  2. My thoughts will be with you and all of his family and friends on the day Cath. Like some have already said, my leave for this year has been used up. Ride well Aaron on God`s highways.
  3. Sounds like I missed meeting a great, happy young lad. RIP fella, my thoughts go to his family and friends. So sad
  4. Ooooh very nice. My cousin had one of those, they are feckin muhassive. Enjoy it when you get it. Have you got rid of the Bandit ????
  5. will try to NEXT week, hopefully. Enjoy folks, would be good to meet up again after so long.
  6. Again, I`m otherwise engaged Ollie. Looks like I`m working late to boot, (client late for what will be a long meeting) then got to cook dinner and round a friends helping them dismantle some more furniture. I`ve not been out on a Tuesday night this year yet.
  7. Sorry Craig, other plans, hope it goes well for you.
  8. Happy birthday Rennie and Mr Phooey. Hope you have a great day.
  9. mine goes to the two cage drivers that overtook on a blind corner this morning and confronted me with a head on situation. Fortunately I was riding nearer the kerb and managed to veer over a bit more to avoid them. Wish I`d of been using a vid camera.
  10. Drawing up a banner for the Institute Fun Day. Promised it either yesterday (got diverted) or Tuesday so tonight it has to be. ONE DAY
  11. Sorry Craig, cannot make it that weekend. I have other plans. Good luck with organising and running such a worthy cause. Hope you get a good turn out.
  12. Not too sure yet, things are brewing that may require my presence elsewhere. If I do get a moment I may just pop over to the Marina and see what`s happening there. Either way I cannot be out of my house for too long. Going to be bloody hot though around 6.00ish and sitting on my balcony with a beer/wine is sounding better than sweating my nads off in leathers.
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