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  1. I agree I don't think the Saturday night was up to our usual standard but I think that's mostly going to be down to timing, because we couldn't start setting the room up 'til gone 9 we started much later than normal so we were being told to wind up before we'd got properly warmed up. Nothing personal against the pub, they were doing their best for us and were perfectly friendly but the building just couldn't accommodate what we do. The camping side was fab. Having that little end to ourselves made it feel very sociable and we weren't worried about getting in anyone else's way or them gettin
  2. We're home, shopped and the entire contents of the car is now where our living room floor used to be! We know the girls got home, they threw a load in the car and we dropped it off on our way back so we've seen them at home too. Thank you all for another fab fun weekend Thank you Stu, Tracey, Sue and Rennie for organising and running.
  3. Not paid but as I said I booked 3 pitches and only 2 coming so if you're prepared to admit you're with me claim Maia's pitch I'll work out who's paying what with them. If they want to take all 3 off my card I'll mug you
  4. Maia +1 are definite no now, combination of getting there, having to do something with the dog, not being able to use their hammock tent contraption thing............ So we have a spare pitch booked. Anyone want it? Pub likely to object to one tent not turning up? The rest of us are still there though. We'll turn up in 2 pairs, Cat and I are going to fun way cross country, girls are getting on the A38 and blatting straight down
  5. In general we are planning on cooking for ourselves in the campsite... Unless it's raining sideways like it was Friday last year with the girls snapping at each other and us getting hit by the shrapnel
  6. OhJay

    YBR 125 Problem

    Was about to say exactly the same thing about Chira's ER5: combination of petrol tap dying and sticky carb emptied an entire tank of petrol through the carbs, cylinder 1, air box and sump onto the garage floor.
  7. Booked 3 tents Very very definite: Me and Cat Very very probably: Chira + 1 Probable: Maia god only knows: Maia's + 1
  8. Good read that one, thanks. Learned an awful lot about ER5s when we bought one for Kitty for her 19th and we of course ended up doing all the maintenance.... and we got to do a LOT of maintenance Electrical gremlins did eventually finish it off for her: the horn got stuck on as soon as she turned left, the rear light fuse would blow about once a week.... so she went and got a CB500 which is also teaching us a lot about maintenance Currently sat as an immovable, rust-brown garden ornament in our back garden. Rear brake had completely seized so that video will be very useful indee
  9. Side stand switch not working properly so it constantly thinks the side stand is down?
  10. Prompt and planned ahead as ever over here We were never not coming, it's been on the calendar since the new year and we've planned fancy dresses for months but when did we ever confirm anything like this in advance? Could have been anything between 5 and 10 of us coming and after some cat herding we're on a definite 6 (...probably... still 1 trying to work out work schedules ) The Vowles clan have gone completely incommunicado for some reason, not heard anything from them in a while. Monies sent for 6, Stu. Some number of us will see you there
  11. I had to read that twice, I read "can't get laid on the back of a bike" at first which also made sense in an amusing way but "can't reach the pegs" made me rethink my life choices I enjoy driving but it's not something I do just for a fun "oh it's a quiet day, let's go for a drive", I don't really drive beyond work and back or shops and back. But on the bright side by driving to work and back it means the bike is purely the leisure activity. Seen mates who commute and I think it's taken some of the fun of biking out for them. Wouldn't come for a Sunday ride for a ride's sake. But then th
  12. Yup. Where we got together, where I proposed, the absolute can't miss of the year (after the forum rally of course )
  13. You got a 5plex to work? bast*rd! What's your secret? I've got a 3 that play nicely together but adding anything else to it will then have them start competing and inhibiting each other. Titrated the primer concentrations and nothing can persuade it back to life so I've got to live with the 3 I use and any extras get their own run. On the bright side I got a new rotor-gene out of work to run those extras Made the mistake of mentioning it to one sales droid and he's been hounding me ever since about how they can support and help and he'll put me in touch with their tech guys if I start
  14. Who used to do the t-shirts. I've got a few knocking about now, might try and dig them out for a giggle. You'll all know who I am, just not what year we're in... as Joeman apparently doesn't: Was it last year you were attacking all and sundry with the cat whiskers? Up to and including the pub's dog! That was a good vintage, be a giggle to see that one again
  15. You must have that wrong: I'm sure it was only a few days ago that Michael Gove dismissed fears that the pound could drop as far as it did in 1992 if we vote to leave... You been listening to those experts with their fancy-nancy abbreviations again?
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