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  1. Been two that I have really enjoyed/ My cousin's where she insited that a Black Sabbath tribute band play at the reception and my own where it was only the two of us and the witnesses. Then a good knee's up after I dont see the fuss about them all to be honest, your making a commitment to each other and f**k everyone else
  2. If I ever get my bike out that garage I'm planninmg to be there
  3. I'm on a GT125R too. Had it a year and its never missed a beat. I love the styling and find it comfortable even after a few hours in the saddle. Biggest issue has been one corroded connector which I can't really complain too much about as the bike gets used 7 days a week in all weathers.
  4. His insurance will go up if it is deemed to be his fault. Legally you are meant to tell the insurance about any incident, but we all know about that one. If both parties can come to an agreement outside that then it can be better all round
  5. Trace the positive feed from the battery up to the ignition - most likely a corroded connector (speaking from personal experience )
  6. If you've got decent textiles that are comfy them why change?
  7. Hairdryer normally does the trick, heat a small section then peel it off the wheel and move onto the next bit. Once its started it should come off pretty easy
  8. have a hunt on you tube. theres stacks of vids on both parts of the test. I'm hoping to sit mine in the next month or so, having a couple of lessons with the local training place then use their bike for the tests
  9. Just passed my theory test Wasnt expecting any real problems, but always get nervous before anything like that and had convinced myself I had fluffed it halfway through. Time to start getting ready for the real tests
  10. Is that the guys at chameleon? They're just round the corner from me, used them a few times
  11. I've got a stiff one Two bolts through the bottom of the number plate and then the top of the L plate. I did rip one after catching the corner over a low fence (walked the bike back to turn round n didnt realise I'd went back so far), but the replacement's been fine
  12. Unfortunately there is no such thing as common sense any more. I wish I had "trained" in health and safety - I'd have a guarenteed job for life!
  13. I'm lucky in a lot of respects in that I have never been out of work. However, when I got my degree there were no jobs in my "field". I could have sat on my arse and waited, but I went out and was lucky enough to find work. My first job, straight out of uni with a first? 8 hours a day putting 3 cans of cat food into every cardboard tray as it passed me on the conveyor belt! I didnt see it as below me, I saw it as a way of paying my rent and being able to eat. Maybe I should sue someone? From that I've now got a decent job with the same organisation, but moved from stacking cans to bein
  14. Her without a doubt The lawyers are only trying to make money for themselves through the case and associsted publicity. I hope sense prevails and it gets thrown out. knowing this country tho
  15. I've found the same, they are shower proof but not waterproof. Great gloves in the dry, very warm and not too bulky but have been disappointed by their performance in the rain
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