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  1. Now tomorrow we will get some close up pics of the front and rear sprockets. Only kidding
  2. Looks ok to me. Both adjusters on the same marks on the swing arm?
  3. I don't think any of us mentioned that he would need to undo that one as well. Oops Sorry. Its on the exhaust side on the actual drum undo that, it makes getting the axle in the correct alignment easier. Move the torque arm off and out of the way. Just make sure once you have adjust everything that you reconnect that, if you don't your rear brake will not function. once the torque arm is loose the rear drum will just swivel freely that is perfectly normal. When you go to reconnect the torque arm just swivel the drum till it lines up with the torque arm and put the nut back on and tighten i
  4. Can you video what you are doing then post that. Then we can see what you are doing wrong
  5. Let's just sort one thing at a time. Once the axle is straight we can get you photograph the sprockets after that whilst they are still on the bike of course and see if you need to change them. That's another day thou.
  6. Let's not go into end of chain life yet. Let's just get it setup correctly first. I think there may be a bit of life left in it yet going by the pics as I think the axle is well and truly off. That makes it hard to see how much the chain has stretched. Changing chain and sprockets is an easy job as long as you have the right tools but not something to worry about just now.
  7. When you do the adjuster bolts after pulling the wheel back out keeping the axle straight do a little bit on each side alternately. Check with the marks on the swing arm that it is evenly adjusted.
  8. That's what I would do. Going by the pics you've posted to me it does look like it's not straight. Advantage of this, is that you will know its setup correctly for the future. On a side note had an AA guy once try to adjust the chain on one adjuster before. I was 300 miles from home attending a family emergency which meant I hadn't checked the chain before leaving home and I didn't have any tools with me. I showed him how to do it for future reference. Last time I will ever go anywhere without chain lube or the tools at least to adjust my chain correctly.
  9. With the axle nut loose, move the adjuster bolts to there outmost extension so that they are both fully out. Then push the rear wheel in (may need to use a bit of force if the axle is not straight as I suspect) Once the axle is straight pull the rear wheel towards you and then adjust both of those bolts till they evenly go in Once that is done adjust them as it says in the Haynes manual. You must make sure the axle is straight. It's not always easy to see if it isn't
  10. That bit should not be loose, the nut should sit perfectly flat against the swing arm. IIRC it should be torqued up to around 50nm of torque You need to get that sorted correctly before you ride that bike again
  11. The one on the right looks like the correct one. Is the chain adjusted evenly? Doesn't look like it to me as from the position of the adjusters looks like the one on the right is at the end of its adjustment whilst the one on the left looks as thou it's halfway. The mark ( indent ) on the adjusters should both be at the same number of marks on the swing arm, that is evenly adjusted. If they are not in the same rough position the chain is incorrectly adjusted and will cause the rear end to pull to one side whilst breaking or even riding.
  12. So from the pics I would say pop to a Yammy dealer and get them to order you a set of those bolts and swap them over
  13. [url=http://s718.photobucket.com/user/GaryJM/media/Motorbike/DFDDD2AC-12B2-4E0F-BCFC-F4D442E853A7.jpg.html][img=http://i718.photobucket.com/albums/ww181/GaryJM/Motorbike/DFDDD2AC-12B2-4E0F-BCFC-F4D442E853A7.jpg][/url] http://i718.photobucket.com/albums/ww181/GaryJM/Motorbike/7BEF7145-EB3E-412C-9917-7AB48D5E514D.jpg[html] Couple of pics from my wife's one. Both bolts are the same length and both have the Phillips ndentation. Looks to me that you have 2 different ones
  14. Looking at the pictures a bit more closely one bolt has a Phillips indents on it the other doesn't I suspect the bolts aren't a matching set. That may be why it looks so odd. Also the one on the left seems to have tarnished/aged differently to the one on the right
  15. Certainly looks odd. Are the adjusters on the right side? Are the adjusters the correct ones or the bolts correct ( same length ) Wife's YBR doesn't look like that. Can you take a pic of the marks on the swing arm of the side you didn't do. Yes I know the marks aren't a reliable measurement and only give an indication
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