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  1. I think your 'Traveller's Rest' is probably my nearest!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's one near Dunstable
  2. It's up to you, of course and what sort of riding you plan to do afterwards. Unless it's for short distance commuting, I would suggest DAS. The tests are fairly demanding and need good bike control, particularly MOD 1. The important thing is to find a good instructor who teaches you to ride and not just pass a test. They are out there. I think someone who has been trained properly and passed mod 1 and 2, riding a bigger bike is safer on the road than someone with a few hours of instruction on a 125
  3. I tend to click on 'Active' rather than the index so you don't see it then.
  4. Hey Admins/Stu, don't you think the rally should be on the Site News bar at the top of the page? Or pinned. It's a bit buried. There may be some new victims who want to be humiliated this year. BTW think we've decided on our fancy dress for this year.
  5. If you think he wouldn't be offended by the idea (after all, it is like riding a bike) some bike training schools do back to biking refresher training where you go out with an instructor. You could get a voucher for him to do this, or even book the lesson if brave enough.
  6. Great to meet up. Definitely go back to Hungry Hogs. Nice run and warm welcome
  7. Yay, Hitchhiker's Guide There's a frood who really knows where his towel is. Is it big enough to ward off the gaze of the ravenous bugblatter beast of Trall. Sorry, inner geek is escaping.
  8. Anyone going to this? http://www.mcnfestival.com We will be mostly camping and drinking beer
  9. Wheatsheaf Lion Anchor George and dragon Coach House - Bit far off!. In Potton opposite the George and dragon Queen's Head - also a bit far off Bell Crown
  10. I'll have ketchup on mine, seeing as you'll be passing HP every time
  11. Drop in at the Wiltshire Chilli Farm stall if you are at the Winchester Christmas Market - my daughter may be working on it but, even if not, they make awesome chilli stuff
  12. So how is this different from spending all day on the X box?
  13. Yeah, regular mirrors check, lifesaver, indicate, lifesaver, manoeuvre. It's a wonder I ever get anywhere Just mirror, signal, lifesaver, manouver in the car because the field of view in the mirrors is better
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