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  1. Many years ago had a swan clip the handlebar end of my CX500 as I was leant over going from the M3 onto the M25 wobbled a bit but no damage. Hit a baby deer/fox going up Telegraph Hill on the A38 just outside Exeter. Caused a £1000's worth of damage to my month old FJ1200, didn't come off but had a throbbing leg where it hit me then trashed the fairing. Lorry driver behind was amazed I stayed on. At work we regularly clean birds and wildlife off the front of trains they lose a race with, feathers everywhere
  2. Andy B

    Makes me sad..

    Members of the Royal British Legion Riders Branch acted as escort for both of these funerals. www.rblr.co.uk
  3. Andy B

    Tent help

    I forgot to add, another good thing with Vango tents, is the bags are a generous size for repacking after the 1st time unlike some other tents that seem to be vacuum packed when you buy them
  4. Andy B

    Tent help

    Vango tents get my vote Khyam are easy to put up on your own Some good advice already given, only thing I can add, is to practice putting it up at home before having to do it for real
  5. Have you only just sobered up after your birthday weekend
  6. Andy B

    New Glasses

    Go for the best quality varifocals you can afford and the transition isn't so harsh between reading and distance I personally had no problems when i succumbed to old age and went to varifocals, took me a day to get used to them You'll soon get used to occasionally tilting your head slightly to adjust for the different focal lengths
  7. wonder if i can talk the missus into that for a vows renewal!! Seconded ! Do it, we had a brilliant time and everyone who came including non-bikers enjoyed the day. Caused no end of curtain twitching in our road when all the bikes turned up at our house to pick the missus to take her to the ceremony, much more than a bog standard wedding car would, was gutted I was at my best mans house so missed it. The ride back from the ceremony was great as there was no end of heads turning and people waving, once again you wouldn't get that with a limo which are 'two-a-penny' these days ( and bloo
  8. Our wedding transport http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p554/AndyB50/Wedding%20Day/RArrival1.jpg Our cake topper handmade by a good friend (would have cost over £150 for a specialist cake decorator to make) http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p554/AndyB50/Wedding%20Day/Cake2.jpg
  9. At my age (50) most weddings we go to are 2nd time around so not so pretentious as the 1st time weddings. I agree that some weddings can be a royal pain in the arse held in posh overpriced venues with mediocre food and crap cheesy disco. Luckily I come from a small family so not too many family do's to worry about. Also working shifts helps with turning down invites. I've never understood the need to wear top hat and tails when you normally live in tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts, basically people trying to be something they aren't and end up stressing out and not enjoying their day, due to th
  10. Bumping this up It's this saturday, unfortunately I'm on shift so can't be there
  11. The Royal British Legion Riders Branch Hampshire Meet & Greet Fort Widley Portsmouth, PO6 3LS Saturday April 7th2012 GATES OPEN 10:00 This is an open invite to all two/three wheel riders To come and meet up with the Hampshire Region of the Royal British Legion Riders Branch. FREE ENTRY !! Entertainment and Refreshments all day ‘SKIDZ’ ‘N’ ‘LIDZ’ –CLOTHING BOUNCY CASTLE SUMO WRESTLING ‘KICK START’-MOTORCYCLE TRAINING ‘ IAM’ -OBSERVED RIDEOUT’S MOTORCYCLE DEALERSHIPS
  12. As the late Ian Dury once said: There's 'narf been some clever bast*rds!! Excellent
  13. Working all weekend and need to save leave for other events this year Starting to do the running around for the Brass Monkey next weekend
  14. Happy Crimbo to you and all serving abroad
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